East Bay Bike Party: Zombie Reunion Ride

From East Bay Bike Party:

Now that school’s back in, it’s time to use your…


Reprising one of our all-time most popular ride themes for October, it’s time to get your zombie on. Start thinking about your costume and feel free to dig up some friends for this one.

The ride route and start place is coming soon. We post it after we test it, because the test lets us know what tweaks to make before we finalize the route.

Stay Right
Stop At Lights
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack Your Trash
Don’t Get Smashed


We will be rolling out at 8:00 PM, so get there by seven Thirty

The rides have been getting consistently bigger each month, and the Zombie Ride is always huge, so if you’d be willing to volunteer and guide Partiers through a corner or two, it would be a massive help. And it’s pretty amazing to watch the ride roll by that way. You’ve never seen so many zombies. On bikes. Zombikers?

So say it with me, before the zombification occurs and you lose control of your fine motor skills… BIKE PARTY!!!!!


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