Eyes on the Street: Bike Lane, Raised Crosswalks, and More at McCoppin

Photos: Aaron Bialick

The ongoing streetscape transformation on and around McCoppin Street in recent weeks has brought a new bike lane, raised crosswalks, planted bulb-outs and medians.

Crews installing cobblestone pavement on Stevenson Street today.

The planted bulb-outs and medians being added to McCoppin and nearby alleys (Stevenson, Pearl, Jessie Streets, and Elgin Park) will help absorb rainwater and lighten the load on the city’s stormwater systems. Such treatments, which are called for in the city’s Better Streets Plan, also help narrow the view of the street, signaling drivers to slow down, as do the cobblestone pavement treatments in the alleyways.

The new westbound bike lane on McCoppin (which was included in the SF Bike Plan but coordinated with the Department of Public Works’ project) connects the one-block bike lane on Otis Street to Valencia Street and the McCoppin bikeway, which runs through the future site of the McCoppin Hub plaza toward Market Street and Octavia Boulevard.

A planted bulb-out and raised crosswalk at McCoppin and Stevenson.

This article was revised to show that the alleyway pavement is not permeable.

  • Collinssfca

    Ugh. Another Phormium.

  • Easy

    Separated bikeway too, I hope?

  • The bulb out shown at McCoppin and Stevenson….looks like it illegally blocks wheelchair access to the unmarked crosswalk across the street. Why is the city blocking crosswalks in this manner? 

  • Winkles Rabbit

    I was watching them install it on my lunch break this afternoon, and…am sorry to report that there’s nothing permeable about that paving on Stevenson. It’s stamped asphalt. They pave it like a regular street and run a heater over it to make it squishy and then press a wire mold into the softened pavement. Looks pretty, but it does nothing to treat, infiltrat or detain stormwater.

  • Winkles Rabbit

    …You can actually see the wire mold in the photo

  • You know what, I believe you are right. I’ve revised the article. Don’t know how I got that mixed up (had a bit of an off-day). Sorry folks!

  • Annie Armstrong

    Bike lanes on Otis and McCoppin  are nice additions. But what about the segment on Mission between 11th St. and Van Ness which is the most dangerous one? This stretch needs to be improved too to have a complete and safe connection.

  • Gneiss

    I agree with Annie – there’s a nice continuity of bike lanes that leads from Cal Train to Valencia which includes Townsend-Division-11th but then for one block it disappears into a mess of articulated buses and a poorly designed 3 lane intersection at Mission and Van Ness.  Adding turn lane markings and delineating a bike lane there would go a long way towards making that strech safer.  Better yet, put in a dedicated left turn arrow cycle for traffic from 11th rather than the free for all that currently exists. 

  • voltairesmistress

    I like seeing the woman in business clothes riding gently on her daytime errands — now, that’s progress!

  • Kevin

     I would be happier taking an improved version of Mission St if it took me away from the Muni rails.


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