Today’s Headlines

  • More on the Fell/Oak Appeal — Striping to Begin This Morning (SFExamSFBG)
  • SF Cab Drivers, CPUC, File Class Action Suit Against Ridesharing Services (SFExamKTVU)
  • Chris Carlsson’s “Radical” But Simple Plan For a Bikeway on the Bay Bridge (KALW)
  • Third Man Arrested in Muni Bus Vandalism Pleads Not Guilty (SFAppeal)
  • Muni Officials Celebrate Newly-Restored Powell-Hyde Street Cable Car (SFExamNBC)
  • DUI Driver Strikes, Injures Cyclist at Natoma and 15th Streets While Fleeing Police (CBSABC)
  • Family of Child Killed by Novato Driver Sues City Over Dangerous Roadway (CBS)
  • Oakland Child Struck, Injured by Van Driver (OakTrib)
  • CoCo Times Tours Inside of New Bay Bridge, a “Marriage of Engineering and Aesthetics”
  • Alameda County’s Transpo Measure B1 at 66.34% With 8,000 Ballots to Count (CoCoTimes)
  • Bay Citizen Asks Larkspur Residents for Their Solutions to Poor Pavement Issue
  • Palo Alto to Study Rezoning, Bike Stations as Car Parking Shortage Solutions (PA Online)
  • Friends Share Memories of Late Palo Alto Bike Advocate Ellen Fletcher (SVBC)

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  • mikesonn

    I want a lane of the west span of the Bay Bridge NOW!

  • mikesonn
  • Sprague

    The CBS article states that the police investigation found the motorist not responsible for the death of the 12 year old bicyclist because she “entered the roadway without yielding the right of way to an approaching vehicle”.  I don’t know many more details about this tragedy, but something does not seem right here.  Kids have been bicycling to school for generations.  Perhaps the motorist involved truly bears no responsibility.  Call me naive, but I hope no motorist bias influenced the police investigation.  I certainly want my children/all children to be able to bike safely to school and hope they’ll be reasonably safe as they pedal the streets.  In part since they’re unlicensed but much more so because they’re young, I don’t expect them to know all of the rules of the road.  I hope that other drivers proceed cautiously when near more vulnerable street users, especially kids.  Lawsuits should be a last resort but it seems like Novato, if not the motorist involved, failed in accommodating some of the most vulnerable people on the street.  What a major, irreparable, and tragic loss!

  • Sprague

    After writing what I just wrote, I learned that in Austria children as of age twelve are expected to know and follow the rules of the road if they are bicycling on the street.  Perhaps there are similar laws in place in California.  I know my daugher’s middle school is teaching its sixth graders the rules of the road when bicycling (in P.E.), and afterwards the class rides together on the street.  I don’t know where any blame lies in the Novato tragedy.  It certainly does not feel right blaming the young victim.  We all make mistakes and what a terrible tragedy it is for a twelve year old to pay for her apparent mistake with her life.