San Pablo Avenue Complete Street On-Site Walkthrough: Albany

From EBBC:

You can get involved in an exciting project to plan the future of Albany’s two biggest streets.

The City of Albany is undertaking a Complete Streets process to develop plans for improving San Pablo Ave. and Buchanan St. The process will identify ways that the streets could be changed to better accommodate alternative modes of travel, including walking, bicycling, and public transit, while still effectively serving drivers. The process will conclude sometime in 2013. Its result will be a set of plans that the City can use for future project ideas and grant applications. Much like the Active Transportation Plan, this does not mean a blueprint for immediate changes, but rather a guideline for future development.

Albany Strollers & Rollers is participating in the advisory group that is guiding the process. Other agencies involved include City staff and commissioners, Caltrans, AC Transit, and the local Chamber of Commerce.

All Albany residents and businesses will have a chance to participate too. In early December, there will be three community workshops with design activities. Everybody is invited. Come to one or all of the workshops — each will be different, because the design will evolve as time passes.

  • Saturday, December 8, 9:00am-2:00pm: Community Walk and Design Workshop — walk through the project area, then play with design ideas in small groups
  • Wednesday, December 12, 7:00-8:30pm: Presentation of Plan Concepts — see the results of the work by the community and consultants

For more information, contact Aleida Andrino-Chavez or (510) 528-5759. The City of Albany website has more information.


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