Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA to Start Issuing Meter Tickets Sunday; Merchants Already Reporting Increased Turnover (CBS)
  • More on the Proposed Removal of I-280 Near Mission Bay (SFBG)
  • Many Homeowners Illegally Paving Over Yards to Use as Parking Spaces (SFGate)
  • ParkMerced Developers and Churches at Odds Over Transit Access, Pedestrian Walkways (SFBG)
  • Photo: Muni’s First Chalkboard Schedule From 1912 (Muni Diaries)
  • New Bay Bridge East Span’s $26M Security System Approved by MTC (SFGate)
  • MTC Approves $12.5M for SMART Train Extension to Airport Boulevard (Press Demo)
  • Mountain View Council to Consider Better Bike/Ped Connections in San Antonio Area (Peninsula)
  • Oakland Man Hit, Killed by Three Drivers While Crossing 980 Onramp; Two Leave Scene (CoCoCBS)
  • BART Board to Vote on $3.1M Security Center, Digital Ad Displays (SF Exam)
  • Gov. Brown Proposes Consolidating Bike/Ped Programs in 2014 Budget (Cyclelicious)

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  • Anonymous

    Mountain View hasn’t done a study yet, they’ve just done a web survey and a couple of visioning meetings.  Participants clearly said they want better bike/ped connections.   The next step would be study and design.  Council needs to decide whether the city will design the network first, or let the developer move forward, and hope the developer’s plans do what people want.

  • Anonymous

    As a regular user of the San Antonio Caltrain station, the biggest issue I see is Central Expressway/Alma. This was just slammed through the neighborhood (as well as of the rest of Palo Alto and Mountain View) back in the heyday of car-centric thinking and it has utterly devastated the walkability, bikeability, and livability of the surrounding areas. For example, trying to get from the San Antonio Caltrain station across Central is hell. At the intersection of San Antonio *Ave* where pedestrians have to cross Central, cars are flying by at nearly 50 mph, the whole area is ugly due to the elevated section of San Antonio *Rd*, there is only one pedestrian crossing, and the light there takes *forever*. Further, there is no sidewalk for part of the way along Central before you get to the turn-in to the Caltrain station and pedestrians have to walk through the dirt or shoulder with cars whizzing by. It truly is a brutal place to be a pedestrian or cyclist.

    The only real solution is to tear down the elevated section of San Antonio and have a normal intersection with Central. I can’t see this happening though, since it will create another Caltrain crossing. So in the meantime, they least that can be done is slowing Central Expressway down to 35 mph and completely overhauling the intersection with San Antonio Rd so that there are pedestrian crossings on *both* sides and they lights actually respond to pedestrians/cyclists. There also needs to traffic lights facing back towards Caltrain since, even though no cars can come from this way, pedestrians and cyclists do and they need to be able to see the traffic lights.

    This whole intersection is a disaster and its a real shame how our car-centric thinking of a generation okay thought it was okay to just slam 4-6 lane roads like San Antonio and Central right through neighborhoods. I bet this area was real nice before the post-WWII car-centric urban design took off.

  • voltairesmistress

    Thank you for including the Cyclelicious article about Gov. Brown’s proposed consolidation of bike/ped programs.  The governor’s inclination toward administrative simplicity and fiscal prioritization is in full evidence here.  Of course, interest groups with a stake in current, byzantine funding applications and allocations are up in arms!  I think we need to trust in the governor’s proposal and each interest group to make its best arguments for its projects.  Will a mountain bike trail lose out sometimes to a safe routes to school project, or a suburban bike lane, or an urban cycle track?  That depends on the merits of each of the proposed projects and the activism of their supporters.  That’s the political process.  Let’s let it work.

  • Anonymous

    @jd_x:disqus  agree with you, it’s thoroughly Jetsons. addition to being unsafe and and ugly it’s a spacewarpt. I have a friend from South Palo Alto who picks visitors up from the train station by car because there is no way she can explain for them to walk to her house which is 10 minutes from there.   I have heard a rumor (haven’t found the documents) that the flyover isn’t earthquake-safe and will need to be replaced.  The San Antonio crossings and lights could potentially be handled as part of the San Antonio center plan.  Traffic calming Central? One can dream.

  • guest

    The article you posted regarding Parkmerced is incorrect. The article focuses on the development and the developers of 800 Brotherhood way.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    The only real solution is to tear down the elevated section of San Antonio and have a normal intersection with Central. I can’t see this happening though, since it will create another Caltrain crossing. 

    No it won’t.

    The obvious solution — here as in Sunnyvale and several other locations — is to bring the streets backj to grade, where streets and people belong, and put the trains over, with a nice elevated station that people can walk under and simple rail overcrossings of the at-grade streets.

    (If you want to take a few lanes out of Central while you’re at it, by all means!)