SFMTA Board: Special Strategic Plan Workshop


Presentation and discussion regarding the regarding key metrics and actions for SFMTA’s Strategic Plan, including:

  • Strategic Plan Overview
  • San Francisco Transportation Plan
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Facilities Planning and Real Estate Vision
  • Transit and Transit Effectiveness Project Update
  • Bicycle Strategy
  • Pedestrian Strategy
  • Taxi and Accessible Services Update


Spot-By-Spot, or Route-By-Route? SFMTA Refines Its Bicycle Strategy

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency is pondering the most effective way to improve the city’s bicycle network in the coming years as it rolls out its Bicycle Strategy: Should planners focus bicycle improvements on dangerous and stressful spots throughout the city, or focus on upgrading major bike corridors to the highest quality of comfort first? Tim Papandreou, […]

SFMTA Board Debates Mode Shift Goal at Workshop

SFMTA Chief Nat Ford presented his “State of the SFMTA” [pdf] report to the board of directors at a special workshop today, a mostly glowing assessment of the past few years but one that acknowledged the pains of its funding crises and the many challenges the agency faces as it looks to the future. It […]