Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA’s Bicycle Strategy Calls for $200 Million in Improvements Over Five Years (SF Exam)
  • Active Transportation Advocates’ Petition Calls on Gov. Brown to Improve Walking and Biking Program
  • Ticketed Enforcement of Sunday Parking Meters Seems to Start Off Smoothly (ABC 7)
  • SF Chronicle: Removing Hwy 280 “Worth a Study”; and More on What it Means for the Caltrain Yard
  • Today’s People Behaving Badly: SF Homeowners Who Illegally Pave Front Yards to Put Up a Parking Lot
  • Marin County Studying Bike-Share, Could Launch Pilot in Two Years (Marin IJ)
  • Ming Yuan Zuo, 75, Killed by Driver While Crossing the Street in Palo Alto (PA Online, SFGate)
  • Three Killed in Solo Car Crash in Foster City on Highway 92 (SFGateKTVU)
  • Hayward Plans Downtown One-Way Traffic Loop, Merchants Freak Out About Parking (CoCo Times)
  • Planning and Conservation League Talks CEQA Reform ( 12)
  • Copenhagenize Presents: A Short History of Traffic Engineering

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  • mikesonn

    Of course ABC completely misses the real point of metering: increased turnover. Nope, they lament the end of a “tradition”.

  • RichardC

    To be fair to the Hayward merchants, the road project in question is converting their downtown streets into a five-lane one-way loop to speed traffic through to the freeways. I’d want to keep the parking, too.

    Very different than removing parking to actually create a nicer downtown environment or improve conditions for non-auto modes.

  • Prinzrob

    Oh, but they put a bike lane to the far right of the five-lane, one-way loop, so now it’s a “complete steet”, right?

  • The Hayward Loop is one of the results for the cancellation of a new freeway, so the alternative is far worse.

  • mikesonn

    “Adding highway lanes is like adding belt loops to deal with obesity.”

    So yeah, the alternative doesn’t have to be more automobile throughput…