Climate Ride Happy Hour

From Greenbelt Alliance:

Please RSVP here by March 6

Good times at Climate Ride 2012Good times at Climate Ride 2012

Greenbelt Alliance Climate Riders past, present, and future are invited to come celebrate our team being the biggest, baddest team on last year’s ride and gear up for Climate Ride 2013 with (responsible amounts of) booze! Join us for happy hour in San Francisco on March 7 and party with fellow bike-enthusiasts.

We want to officially thank/congratulate/high-five our 2012 team for raising the most money out of all the teams on last year’s California Climate Ride—that is awesome beyond words. 2013 riders, come meet your fellow teammates! Friends and family are also welcome.

First round of drinks for all Climate Riders is on us!


For more information, email Team Captain Anna Gore or call her at 415-543-6771 ext. 313.


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