Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA to Install Bicycle Traffic Counter on Market Street at 9th (SFBC, SFBayCity Insider)
  • Three Injured in Car Crash at Fulton and 43rd Ave. in the Outer Richmond (SF Appeal)
  • Becky Lee, Woman Killed by Driver Last Week, Was a Custodian at Sunnyside Elementary (CBS)
  • Plans Unveiled to Expand SF Ferry Terminal (SocketSite)
  • SFMTA Surveying Upper Haight Businesses on the Impacts of Bike Corrals (Uppercasing)
  • Sup. Wiener and Community Service Center Director Make the Case for CEQA Appeal Reforms (SFBG)
  • SFMTA Approves More Cabs on the Streets, Starting With 120 This Year (SF Examiner, SFGate)
  • UC Berkeley To Eliminate 10 Percent of Its Parking Spots for Development (CoCo Times)
  • GG Transit Bus Service to Increase in Marin County Thanks to Savings (Marin IJ)
  • Cyclelicious Provides Updates on a Few Bicycling-Related State Bills
  • Gov. Brown Says CEQA Reform Unlikely This Year; Senator Introduces New CEQA Reform Bill (KQED)

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  • Marin County service is expanding, great, but the 72 series buses from Santa Rosa are running at 90% capacity and need more service.

    What, you say at 90% there is still more room on the bus? Once it gets to that level it’s uncomfortable enough that ridership tends to cap at that level (not to mention that if a bus fills, there is no such thing as standing room on the coaches and anyone getting bumped would be screwed, so that has an impact).

    But even at say, 75% capacity, the buses reduce a lot of traffic congestion and pollution and on and on. When they get to 90%, that means that we need more buses. This is a virtuous cycle where not only is the ride more comfortable (attracting more passengers) but with more buses there is more frequency (which attracts more passengers).

    At this point the issue is probably rolling stock.

  • Ryan Brady

    The bike racks, meanwhile, are often over capacity (on the 70/71/80, at least). Bike+bus access vastly extends the area that a bus stop can service.

  • Story about a near miss that ended up with a broken wrist at 24th/Douglass in Noe Valley. I have complained about this intersection before – it has a lot of pedestrian traffic, with a lot of dogs and small children due to the park there. The intersection should be daylighted (not to mention it is frequently reverse daylighted by double parkers at Philz)

  • I’ve never been bumped on the 72 but it’s been close. This is a hard nut to crack in terms of adding more bike capacity, I have been in contact with GGT about getting day use bike lockers added to key stops and they have been receptive. For a lot of the commute ridership, you can ride your bike to the stop and don’t need it in SF, but you are incented to take your bike due to security concerns.

  • The letter to the editor below that one is interesting–someone complaining about other sidewalk users being inconsiderate and taking up too much space in on 24th Street in Noe Valley. The indignant writer of course ignores the real issue that the sidewalks are too narrow for the volume of pedestrian traffic and need to widened. There are no bike lanes causing controversy here. It is solely about turning space allocated for street parking into space for pedestrians.

    As San Francisco grows more dense, there will be more people walking in neighborhood shopping districts. This is good. It should be encouraged. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes the city/neighborhoods to realize that yes, the parking will have to go.

  • voltairesmistress

    Hi folks, I know this is not a topic on today’s site, but I wanted to urge all pedestrians, bicyclists, and others to write our politicians whenever we almost get hurt due to unsafe street design combined with poor driving. Here’s a copy of my note to Supervisor Chiu and Mayor Lee. I also joined Walk SF and the Bicycle Coalition today, because I just can’t take this cr*p anymore.

    Dear Mayor Lee:

    Yesterday while bicycling along Polk Street, I was nearly hit by a driver who, honking, yelled at me to stay in the bike lane. There was no bike lane, merely sharrows.

    I will not bore you with the details of this driver’s law-breaking actions, but I will ask you to throw your support behind the SFMTA’s proposal for separated and protected bicycle lanes on Polk Street.

    I am fifty, female, and ride conservatively. But I am not safe riding on Polk Street. Please, can we get a protected bike lane on Polk Street while I am still alive to use it?

  • Anonymous

    BART is adding more BikeLink secure e-lockers and bike rooms to many of their stations, and the lockers will be coming to more Capitol Corridor stations soon. I would love to see them added at or near major bus hubs as well, to help deal with the bike capacity issue.

  • Anonymous

    The Marin County Transit District funded those improvements. Sonoma County needs to step up to the plate.

  • Anonymous

    What does “daylighted” mean in this context? To me, it means removing the roof of a railroad tunnel and turning it into a cut.

  • Anonymous

    @p_chazz:disqus: it means removing the first couple parking spots at the intersection so that everyone can see everyone else as they approach.