Wanted: Safe Street Advocates on the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

The San Francisco Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee has some seats to fill. If you live in District 3, 4, 5, 9, or 11, you can apply for an appointment by the Board of Supervisors to be the official voice for pedestrian safety issues in your district.

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The PSAC meets monthly at City Hall to advise the Board of Supervisors, the SFMTA, and the SFPD on pedestrian safety issues, from street improvement projects to enforcement, through discussions and adopted resolutions.

In addition to the district seats, PSAC member Thomas Rogers said seats are also opening up in the following categories:

  • Senior and disability organizations (Seat #3)
  • Bicycle or non-motorized organizations (Seat #5)
  • Public health organizations (Seat #8)
  • The public at large (Seat #9)

Rogers said PSAC members would be required to meet these general expectations:

  • Be consistently available at our standard monthly meeting time (2nd Tuesday @ 5:30pm)
  • Put in some time outside of meetings to reach out to community groups, review meeting materials, and potentially attend separate meetings for other relevant SF projects (e.g., Better Market Street or Polk Street Improvement Project)
  • Keep an open mind, respect others’ opinions, and generally relay feedback succinctly
  • Have some knowledge about SF government structure, budget procedures, etc. (or at least be willing to learn)
  • Adhere to open meeting requirements (e.g., Sunshine Ordinance and Brown Act)

More info on the PSAC, including meeting agendas, is available on the SFMTA website. Info on the application can be found on the Board of Supervisors website, and Rogers invited those interested to contact him for tips on the process at throgers [at] yahoo [dot] com.


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