Revamped Muni Bus Loop Opens at City College Ocean Campus

Photo: ## Breaking News/Twitter##

After a makeover, the bus loop that serves as a terminal for Muni’s 8X and 49 lines at Phelan and Ocean Avenues, the site of City College’s Ocean Campus, became operational yesterday. It’s part of a larger city project, in the works for ten years, to create a more efficient and attractive transit hub while opening up the adjacent land for a mixed-use, affordable housing development with shops on the ground floor, complemented by a new plaza that will welcome students stepping off or waiting for the bus.

The loop was actually re-aligned: Whereas buses used to take a right turn off Ocean, stop, then take a left turn back onto Ocean in the opposite direction, the loop now takes buses on a right turn towards Phelan, where they use the three new side-by-side platforms to load before making another right turn on to Phelan.

Stops for the 8X/8BX and 49 that used to sit on the south side of Ocean have been moved to the new bus platforms. The project will also include pedestrian bulb-outs at the adjacent crosswalk across Phelan. The plaza and building development will break ground later this year, according to an SFMTA news release.

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An overview of the Phelan Loop plan. Image: SFMTA
The Phelan Loop before it was reconfigured. Image: Google Maps
An SFMTA rendering of the loop's exit at Phelan Ave. (once the project is completed).
The new loop itself, looking towards the boarding platforms from the rear towards the campus. Photo via ## Light/Twitter##
  • Ted King

    This is a welcome change for those riders who could take either the 8X or the 43. Now the stops are adjacent to each other which permits an easy flip-flop depending on which one is next to depart.

    I’m a CCSF alumnus who’s ridden through the Ocean and Phelan intersection many times. Innumerable times while waiting for an 8X (or its predecessor the 15) I winced at the sight of a 43 rolling by a block away heading towards a stop near my destination.

  • Jim Frank

    This is great! Better boarding islands and more housing located near transit.

    The whole area on Ocean south of Phelan has improved so much in the past few years. Great sidewalks and shops, improved crosswalks and LRV tracks. This the fruition of years and years of planning: the Balboa Park EIR which increased bldg. heights along the corridor, a new ocean street entrance to the BART Station, better bike and pedestrian access to the station.

    Now let’s see a BRT on Geneva all the way down to Visitation Valley to meet up with the T-Third.

  • Adrienne Johnson

    It will be interesting to see how this works with the bike lane now that those buses turn right into it every time they leave. I predict challenges.


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