Today’s Headlines

  • More on Yesterday’s Record-Breaking Bike to Work Day (SFBC, CBS, SF Appeal)
  • Bike To Work Day Highlights Increasing Bike-to-Caltrain Ridership (Green Caltrain)
  • BART’s Budget Balanced, But Capital Shortfall Looms (SF Examiner)
  • Lift on BART Bike Bans Looks Promising With Upcoming Board Vote (SF Examiner)
  • Bike Stolen on Camera at Bike to Work Day Energizer Station (ABC)
  • More on Ezra Eslaminia, Taxi Driver Wanted for Killing Man Last August (CBS)
  • Sunday Streets in Dogpatch to Include Adaptive Cycling Event for Riders with Disabilities (SFBC)
  • Epoch Times Asks People on the Street: Parking Meters Should Be Used to Ease Demand?
  • Driver Crashes Minivan into San Jose Hospital Lobby (CBS)
  • Marin County Panelists to NIMBYs: Plan Bay Area is Not Crazy or New (Marin IJ)

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  • Anonymous

    I feel like a car crashes into a building about once a month in San Jose… coincidence?

    I remember seeing the insane damage (they’d removed the car) a car had done to a Blockbuster years ago in SJ. There was tons of broken glass and deep burns in the carpet from the tires.

  • Kyle Huey

    The “bikes are 75% of traffic on Market Street” is pretty misleading. That’s a count of vehicles, not people. We should be counting people moved not vehicles moved.

  • What percentage of private vehicles on Market have more than one person?

    And no – you can’t count a taxi with 2 people as moving 2 people. In fact, a taxi with only the driver should be counted as zero people.

  • Kyle Huey

    Very little. My point is that if you look at it in terms of people moved, transit and bicycles will blow everything else away. And that’s what we should be dedicating our street space too (in that order, and both at the expense of private autos).

  • Anonymous

    And motorists violating the mandatory right turn(s) and illegally driving down Market should count as -1 person.

  • jimmy

    More precisely, in terms of people moved on Market St, *transit* will blow everything else away.

  • mikesonn

    Welcome to LOS!