Walk Bike Ride Drive: Transportation Vision of the Lower Haight

From Haighteration:

Few topics get Haighteration readers more chatty than transit.

And with good reason. We live in an area where multiple forms of transportation coexist, though not always harmoniously.

This Wednesday night, take your favorite mode of mobility over to the Peacock Lounge, and join your neighbors for a community meeting to discuss walking, biking, riding, and driving in the Lower Haight.

The event, which has been organized by the Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association, is called “Walk Bike Ride Drive: Transportation vision of the Lower Haight.” Reps from a slew of local organizations will be on hand, including the SFMTASFPD, the SF Bicycle Coalition, the Wigg PartyWalk SF, and the SF Transit Riders Union.

On the agenda for the night:

  • Find out what the SFMTA’s vision of WALK BIKE RIDE DRIVE looks like
  • Hear what your neighbors have to say about what works and what doesn’t
  • Learn what tools are working to calm traffic in the city
  • Help the various organizations understand neighborhood street priorities

This happens this Wednesday night, May 29th, from 7pm to 9pm at the Peacock Lounge (552 Haight Street). You can RSVP, get more info, and help spread the word via the event’s Facebook page.


Jason Henderson, geography professor, at SFMTA/SF Planning's Lower Haight Open House. Photo: Streetsblog

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