SFBC Golden Wheel Awards

From SFBC:


We’ve all heard about New York’s incredible work over the last few years adding bikeways, launching a large-scale bike sharing system and debuting miles of other livable streets improvements — plazas, parklets and more. What is New York City’s secret to success? Meet her in person on June 20 at our 2013 Golden Wheel Awards! Janette Sadik-Khan, the NYC Commissioner of Transportation, will speak about New York’s story, and particularly about the work that her Department of Transportation has done to open up miles of streets to safe and welcoming biking. Commissioner Sadik-Khan is about as close as a transportation professional gets to a rock star. Golden Wheel is your chance to meet her and ask her in person about what it takes to transform a city.
A grassroots coalition started in 2005, CC Puede has made great strides in creating a better, more livable Cesar Chavez Street. Due to their work, Cesar Chavez East received short-term safety improvements in 2012 and a comprehensive Cesar Chavez West street redesign is now under construction. CC Puede has demonstrated the unstoppable power of neighbors of all backgrounds coming together to improve their street and neighborhood.
The Yerba Buena Community Benefit District is a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving the quality of life in the Yerba Buena neighborhood, by making it cleaner, safer and more vibrant. The SF Bicycle Coalition is recognizing the YBCBD for its groundbreaking work on developing and implementing the District’s Street Life Plan. Through this plan the YBCBD has launched its specially-designed bike rack program, mobile corral program and mobile parklets, with more projects to come that embrace and welcome bicycling.


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This week, urbanist innovators discuss the future of parklets and other temporary street changes, the city holds an update meeting on the Cesar Chavez streetscape project, and the SFBC teaches the facts about biking pregnant or with babies. Here are the highlights from the Streetsblog calendar: Tuesday: SPUR Lunchtime Forum – Time’s Up: the End of Temporary. […]

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Disappointed proponents of the thwarted Cesar Chavez East plan for a road diet between Kansas and Evans were at least spared the temptation of using cliché after a contentious meeting on June 27. They couldn’t say the city was throwing bicyclists and pedestrians under the bus because there is no bus. Past Bryant Street, where […]

MTA Mulls Scenarios for Moving Bike Plan Forward

The MTA is considering a number of scenarios for moving the Bicycle Plan forward when the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is finalized and the bike injunction lifted.  One being discussed is a rare joint meeting of the Planning Commission and MTA Board with an appearance by Mayor Gavin Newsom to certify and adopt the EIR […]