Today’s Headlines

  • More on the Hearing on Anti-Bike Bias at SFPD (SFBG), SFBC Director: Chief Suhr Must Bring Reforms
  • Supes Pass Resolution Calling on SFPD to Curb Bike Theft, Launching Bike Registry (XPress)
  • Gov. Brown Signs Bill Exempting Bike Plans From CEQA Review (Cyclelicious)
  • Monique Porsandeh, Nearly Killed by Driver, Returns to SF to Call for Safer Streets (KTVUSF Weekly)
  • Driver Mysteriously Flips Car at Scott and Duboce (Haighteration)
  • Due to “Sunk Costs,” SF Weekly Suggests Cheaper Cars Would Curb Driving (VMT Tax, Anyone?)
  • With Just a Few Days Left, Transit Agencies, Businesses Brace for Second BART Strike (CBS, KTVU)
  • SF Law Student Charged With Assault With Deadly Weapon for Driving Into Man in Oakland (Appeal)
  • Pedestrians Apparently Invisible to Drivers in San Carlos (People Behaving Badly)
  • Vauncelia Thornz, 52, Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver in Redwood City (SM Daily Journal)

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  • Mom on a bike

    Speaking of anti-bike bias, yet another stop-sign sting on the Wiggle this afternoon. But drivers continue to fly down the 14th St hill at 50 MPH with impunity and scream at cyclists passing other cyclists

    Just another day in green, transit-first SF!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, when you see this, go buy a dozen donuts, turn on your video camera, roll up to the intersection, stop, proceed, pull up to the cops, and hand them the bag of donuts.

    I’ll gladly kick in for the donuts.

  • Anonymous

    The SFPD continues to target the least harmful road users for maximum enforcement while simultaneously coddling and protecting the most harmful road users from the easily foreseeable consequences of their incredibly harmful actions. Apparently, the only way someone like Amelie LeMoullac’s killer could possibly get ticketed by the SFPD would be to hop on a bicycle and roll a stop sign at an empty Wiggle intersection.

  • Anonymous

    “California Governor signs bill exempting bike plans from environmental review”

    Rob Anderson: congratulations! Thanks to your dedication and hard work on this issue in San Francisco, we bicyclists shall now enjoy an unprecedented and massive expansion of bike infrastructure up and down the entire state!

  • davistrain

    That commentary on “sunk costs” inspiring car owners to drive more was thought-provoking. Is it the fact that drivers of expensive cars want to “get their money’s worth” or is it that their fancy cars are more pleasant to travel in and more “fun to drive” than lesser vehicles. And if they’re used to a nice ride rather than a beat-up, uncomfortable clunker, one would think it would be that much harder to get them to ride public transit. Asking them to give up the power of a one or two hundred horses and rely on their own legs is another challenge.

  • gneiss

    It shows that when it comes to traffic enforcement our police department remains a reaction driven organization rather than data driven. The residents who live along wiggle complain about inconsiderate bikers and voila – a traffic sting against people traveling at 15 mph. Despite the fact that there’s no data which supports the contention that people are getting hurt or injured by people riding bikes in that area.

    Meanwhile, the most dangerous intersections to the more vulnerable remain so, because the complaints of victims fall on deaf ears. The police just don’t believe that drivers are responsible for those incidents. They’d much rather continue to believe it’s the fault of the victims in spite of evidence to the contrary, and so they ignore the data staring them in the face and just lecture us on cell phone use while walking and staying out the way of big trucks making illegal right turns.

  • Larry

    It’s the latter. People in LA, who often spend hours a day in their cars, are willing to commit more of their budget to their car. Sitting in your car is a lot easier when you have AC, leather seats, a top-end sound system and other things that better isolate you from the grimness all around.