Today’s Headlines

  • Son of Parks Driver Who Ran Over Woman, Fled Arrested for Hitting Bicycle Rider, Fleeing (ABC)
  • More on BART Lifting Bike Bans (SFGate, CBS, EBX); Why First Cars Are Off Limits (Bold Italic)
  • How Many Bike Injuries in SF Don’t Involve Cars? “Nearly Half,” Says UCSF Surgeon (NYT)
  • Big Rig Driver Crashes on 280, Leaving Cab Dangling Over Guard Rail (NBC, CBS)
  • Parking Lot Conversion to Dog Park, Skate Park Under Central Freeway Begins Construction (SF Appeal)
  • New Parking Meters in the Mission Go to SFMTA Public Hearing (Mission Local)
  • Mixed-Use Development at 16th/Mission BART Draws Affordable Housing Concerns (Business Times)
  • Reminder: Sunday Streets Comes to the Richmond, Joins Farmer’s Market This Weekend (Richmond)
  • Extra BART Strike Service Cost Muni at Least $400k (SF Appeal); Ride-Share Thrived (Mission Local)
  • BART Bathrooms Could Re-Open as Part of New Labor Contract (SF Examiner)
  • Oakland’s Latham Square Plaza to Be Partially Reverted Back to One Traffic Lane (Oakland North)
  • Golden Gate Bridge District to Consider Toll Hike Today (CoCo Times, Marin IJ)

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  • Anonymous
  • philtoms

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears the 16th/Mission project exceeds the allowable parking limit for its retail use.

    According to the article, there will be 32,000 SF of retail. This parcel is zoned Mission Street NCT, with a max retail parking ratio of one space per 1,500 feet. Thus, the developer is allowed 21 spaces, with no conditional exception for more parking. But according to the Project page on the Planning Dept’s info page for the parcel, the developer proposes building 39 spaces for the retail use.

    On the other hand, the residential parking ratio is 0.35, well below the permitted max of 0.5 (or conditional max of 0.75), so it’s good to see that the market is asking for less than what’s allowable (though one wonders why a building in that location should have any parking at all, especially a rental project).

    Planning Department property information page:

    NCT Mission Street parking rules:

  • Upright Biker

    Once again, the mainstream media gets it all wrong. That NYT article is about “cycling,” not “bicycling,” and describes injuries from “going 35 mph downhill around a sharp curve.” The most popular comment is a laundry list of how to keep yourself “safe” while riding a bike.

    All this just serves to make bicycling look dangerous, when nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Fortunately it sounds like the people hit only suffered only minor injuries, but drunk middle aged lady drivers are tearing up the bay area today: