Today’s Headlines

  • Cartographer Creates a Simpler, Cleaner, Transit-Style Bike Map for SF (Atlantic Cities)
  • Study in SF, Portland Finds Protected Bike Lanes Heavily Favored Over Conventional Ones (SF Weekly)
  • Memorial to Be Held for Cheng Jin Lai (SFBC); Justice for Cyclists a Hot Topic at CA Bike Summit (LAT)
  • Tonight: Join Sup. Campos for Meeting on Mission/Valencia Intersection Design, Muni TEP (Bernalwood)
  • 99% Invisible Looks at the Devastating and Fantastic Plans for SF That Were Never Built
  • New Downsized Warriors Arena Plan Reduces Parking Spots From 630 to 500 (SF Examiner)
  • SFMTA to Expand Overnight Parking Bans for Large Vehicles — Is it Just Shifting the Problem? (Exam)
  • Streamlining of SFMTA’s Block Party Permit Program Leads to Boom in “Stoop-to-Stoop Cohesion” (ML)
  • SFPD Sergeant Who Drove Drunk, Hit Car in Inner Sunset Must Attend 90 AA Meetings, Rehab (SF Exam)
  • GG Bridge Tolls Could Rise to $8 by 2018 Under Proposals to Be Considered (SFGateMarin IJAppeal)
  • Bay Bridge Drivers Knocking Off Poles That Divide Tolls Lanes, So They’re Being Removed (KTVU)
  • Caltrain, SamTrans Still Left Without Stable Funding Sources as Ridership Grows (SF Examiner)

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  • mikesonn

    Speed: speed limit raised
    Drive over soft-hit posts: remove said posts

    Reward all the bad behavior!

  • Sean Rea

    I don’t really understand the “simpler, cleaner, transit-style” bike map. The map shows when a route turns but doesn’t tell you what street it turns on to or from. Transit-style maps work well for transit systems for a reason — you have a finite number of stops and don’t need to get bogged down with other details.

  • HuckieCA

    So, the reason the poles get hit is because they divide the fastrack lanes from the manual lanes. On weekend and off-commute times when the metering lights are on, the manual lanes are full with long lines waiting, while the fastrack lanes are moving with less of a queue at the metering lights. So people waiting in line in the manual lanes are like, screw it, and run over the posts to get into the fastrack lanes. I’m not sure that removing the is a great idea, because now everyone is going to clog up the fastrack lanes once the metering lights get turned on.

  • Here’s the most alarming headline of the day: nearly a quarter of drivers are surfing the web while behind the wheel.

  • Luke


    And I’m getting bored with both minimalism and map porn, personally…

  • the_greasybear

    Beloved are the crimes of the motorist!

  • Rogue Cyclist
  • • I lobbied to have those contours put on the SFBC map. I daresay they
    would improve the simplified map without really hurting its simplicity.

  • Blessed be the one who sits down.

  • Sean Rea
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