Today’s Headlines

  • Judge’s CAHSRA Ruling Could Threaten Caltrain Electrification, Downtown Extension (SFGateGC)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Two at Ellis and Leavenworth; Police Find Abandoned Car (Appeal)
  • SF Chronicle Gets a Look Inside SFPD’s Warehouse of Hundreds of Stolen Bikes
  • Urban Life Signs Looks at Unbuilt SF Projects at Cal Exhibit, Including an Embarcadero High-Line
  • Muni Trains Lack Seat Sensors That Would Prevent Them From Leaving Without Operators (SF Weekly)
  • More on the Contract Standoff Between BART and its Unions (SFBG)
  • Berkeley Plans to Redesign its Downtown BART Station Plaza (Berkeleyside)
  • AC Transit’s Line 51 to Get Transit Signal Priority, Bus Bulbs (Berkeleyside)
  • Because There’s Too Much Turnover? Alameda Offers Free Street Parking This Weekend (Alamedan)
  • AAA Expects Fewer Californians to Travel for Thanksgiving, But More to Take Transit (CoCo Times)
  • Another in San Jose’s Rash of Pedestrian Deaths: Girl, 14, Killed by Driver in Crosswalk (NBC)
  • Menlo Park Family Sues Elderly Driver Who Crushed Six-Year-Old Twins (Almanac)

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Streetsblog will return on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  • If you need to persuade relatives on the value of taking a Thanksgiving walk, this might help: “The Brilliance of Walking”

    Bottom line: if you walk 30 minutes every day (or do some other form of moderate exercise like biking) you are likely to live a long, healthy, active life. If you don’t, you are likely to be sick, overweight, and medicated, and, with time, to develop chronic, debilitating, costly diseases or other health problems that severely reduce the quality of your life. Whatever age you are, starting walking now helps.

    The scientific evidence of the past decade and the trends in American health make it pretty clear we have actively harmed our population by making walking and biking dangerous and car use cheap and convenient.

  • mikesonn

    Almanac didn’t get the “accident” memo from MPPD. And an elderly driver hopping the curb and crushing two kids is far from an accident, no matter how you look at it.

    One of the most criminal aspects of the whole thing, the driver only needs to be retested within 90 days to keep his license. Car uber alles, even our children’s safety.

  • aslevin

    I can send a note to Sandy Brundage about the wording… “no charges” is appalling, not sure what to do there.

  • mikesonn

    Thank you.

    And the case is going to the DA for charges but I’m not holding my breath. The guy’s license should’ve been cut in half at the scene.

  • aslevin

    On the “no charges” I can think of two things. One is to encourage SVBC to follow the lead of SFBC in being more proactive to encourage investigations and prosecutions in cases of vehicle violence.

    A second is as a Menlo Park Transportation Commissioner to have agenda items reviewing collision data and discussions with MPPD about practices. I put in a request for this a few weeks ago, and it will depend on staff, MPPD, and the opinions of my colleagues.

    (If any more MP Transportation Commissioners are reading this, please refrain from commenting to avoid Brown Act conflicts 🙂 )