Today’s Headlines

  • SF Weekly Exposes the Shady Deal That Brought Muni’s New Breakdown-Prone Hybrid Buses
  • Woman, 40, Reportedly Riding Bike the Wrong Way on Folsom Injured by Truck Driver (KTVU)
  • SFPD’s Mikail Ali: Many Ped Victims Are Asian Immigrants Who Don’t Understand Traffic Patterns
  • Chief Greg Suhr: “We Cannot Have the Perception That There’s an Absence of Enforcement” (CBS)
  • What SF Can Learn From the Netherlands, Where Cars Are Treated as Guests on the Streets (CBS)
  • SFBG: Police Must Crack Down on Red Light Runners to Protect Pedestrians
  • San Franciscans Are Overreacting About Ped Safety, According to This Weird BeyondChron Article
  • More From the Supes Hearing: Mar Focuses on Ride-Share Companies’ Liability (SF Public Press)
  • Giampaolo Boschetti, Driver Who Killed Man in Crocker-Amazon, Owns Hotel on Market (Appeal)
  • C.W. Nevius Gripes About NIMBYs and Techie-Haters (SFGate)
  • FHWA Cancels Approval of Green-Backed Sharrows, Green “Super Sharrow” Stripings (CalBike)
  • Marin Supes Approve Contract for Bike Bridge Connecting Cal Park Tunnel to Larkspur Ferry (MIJ)

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  • Prinzrob

    I don’t know if “FHWA Cancels Approval” is a good way to describe the fact that they are no longer accepting requests to experiment with green backed sharrows. I read it to mean that they have enough data from the existing experiments to determine whether or not they will be adding these treatments to their standards. Even previous experiment requests were subject to approval, so there was never a guarantee that anyone would be green-lighted for the green sharrows.

    Meanwhile, though, SF keeps painting them without anyone’s permission. I wish more cities were so bold.

  • mikesonn

    North Beach is upset about all the construct and no station.

  • Fran Taylor

    SFPD Ali story:

    “Police Commander Mikail Ali says most of those victims were asian [sic] immigrants. Many were elderly. Ali says the victims from asia may have been confused by our traffic system.”

    Yes, maybe in Asia you can expect a driver to stop at a STOP sign or look before turning into people in crosswalks. Who knew that’s not true in SF? Maybe in Asia police spokespeople have half a brain.

  • I have to say the blame the victim excuses are getting more creative. (People getting run over are confused Asians! Children playing aggressively on the sidewalk!) I am looking forward to ones that involve UFOs and alien species.

  • p_chazz

    I hope the police cited the bicyclist going the WRONG WAY on Folsom for all of her moving violations.

  • murphstahoe

    The cyclist cooperated and, per SFPD policy was not cited.

  • gneiss

    Given that SOMA streets suck for any mode except car travel with long blocks and one-way couplets, how can you be surprised that occasionally people who ride bikes decide to not follow the rules?

  • Sean Rea

    Well, at least SFPD were consistent.

  • p_chazz

    Fine, then bicyclists going the wrong way shouldn’t object to being hit by cars because they can’t see that the light is red in their direction. Or perhaps you would suggest that SFMTA mount lights in the opposite direction of the traffic flow for the safety and convenience of wrong way bicyclists?

  • p_chazz

    That sends the wrong message. She should be cited the same as if a motorist had driven the wrong way down Folsom. Can you imagine the shock and horror on SF Bikeblog if that had happened.

  • murphstahoe

    She should be cited the same as if a motorist…

    You do read this blog, don’t you? Since when do motorists causing collisions due to traffic violations get cited?

  • jd_x

    Man, p_chazz, you totally missed the intended irony in murph’s comment and the hypocrisy of your own expectations.

  • This isn’t even fun to watch anymore.

  • phoca2004

    It is nice to see the investment in the bike bridge across Sir Francis Drake, it should open up easier and safer North-South cycling options in Marin. It is nice to see the pieces of regionally interconnected bikeways being put into place.

  • BBnet3000

    Not sure if “bold” and “sharrows” belong in the same comment.

  • BBnet3000

    Are the blocks actually that long? Ive never rode the wrong way in SOMA because on a bike I always thought it was easy enough to go up to the next block.

  • Prinzrob

    Regardless of the specific treatment in question (I would argue that sharrows are useful in certain contexts such as narrow, neighborhood bike blvd routes) it is indeed very bold for SF to dismiss the liability concerns that serve as a roadblock to so many progressive bikeway projects, and just implement the infrastructure that they know will help reduce collisions and fatalities right away.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    What’s the actual route? The tunnel is a fair distance from Drake so obviously it’s not just a bridge from here to there, right?

    To be honest I never worried much about crossing Drake but this atrocity almost kills me every time:!data=!1m8!1m3!1d3!2d-122.514262!3d37.944497!2m2!1f199.18!2f86.29!4f75!2m9!1e1!2m4!1s6VfUpTvmrXzSffQnlKOk4w!2e0!9m1!6s%C2%A9+2014+Google!5m2!1s6VfUpTvmrXzSffQnlKOk4w!2e0&fid=5

  • mikesonn

    Completely agree, riding over that bridge is horrible and that hard right at the bottom is dangerous.

  • phoca2004

    My assumption is that this will follow the routing shown in the MCBC Bicycle Map, running along the backside of the cost plus mall and joining up with the “dirty Harry” trestle to cross SFD. I don’t know how the connection to the Tiburon Ferry Terminal is planned to be handled, but, I would assume it is included in this project. Perhaps I am wrong, but, I assume that crappy bridge crossing you point out will be obviated in this project. At least I hope so. There is this link to the MCBC page that covers this: