Today’s Headlines

  • Elderly Man Injured by Driver in Bayview Saturday Had Just Exited Muni Bus (SF Weekly)
  • SFMTA Board to Consider Vision Zero (SF Examiner), Bike/Ped Funding in Budget Today (SFBC)
  • BeyondChron: If SFMTA Can’t Implement Ped Safety Projects Quickly, We Need a New Department
  • New Parklet in Front of The Mill on Divisadero (Haighteration)
  • ABC 7‘s Lighthearted Piece on Distracted Driving Can’t Leave Out Distracted Walking and Biking
  • Sidewalk Parking Tickets: $100 in SF, $38 Across the Daly City Border (People Behaving Badly)
  • Greater Marin: For Perspective, Require Golden Gate Transit Officials to Ride the Bus
  • Introduction of Larkspur Ferry Parking Fee Goes Off Without a Hitch (Marin IJ)
  • Google to Try Ferry Service From Alameda to Redwood City (SF Examiner, East Bay Express)
  • Uh-Oh: In 2016, the Super Bowl Will Come to the New 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara (Mercury News)
  • Off the Grid to Serve Menlo Park Caltrain Station (PA Online)
  • Diridon Station Area Plan Lacks Improvements for Bike/Ped, BRT Networks, Say Residents (PTA)

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  • gneiss

    While it is fine and dandy that the Board of Supervisors is considering a Vision Zero resolution to be implemented at SFMTA, it will mean absolutely nothing if the current dysfunctional method by which streetscape changes in the city get implemented continues. If it takes a decade or more for a two block contra-flow bike lane to get striped on pavement, we can make all the happy talk we want (sort of like the whole 20% bike mode share by 2020 goal), but that’s all it will be.

    I would be more impressed if the BOS were to introduce resolutions to change the community meeting and appeals processes for safety improvements so we could reduce the time it takes to complete projects that are already on the books. Frankly, if the city spent as much money and energy on actually making changes as it does with the community meeting and outreach process, we’d already have a redesigned Wiggle, Masonic Avenue, and Market Street and would be already on our way to Vision Zero without the need for another empty resolution.

  • mikesonn

    We are only getting more #hyperdemocracy, not less.

  • aslevin

    I have an idea. Export San Franciscans to work on the Santa Clara Expressway plan. They could use a good old-fashioned freeway revolt.

  • Mario Tanev

    BTW, the SFMTA budget includes other interesting proposals, such as free parking on Sundays (no free Muni on Sundays), free Muni for seniors and people with disabilities, an indexed increase in the Muni fare to $2.25 (potentially delayed by one year for those with a Clipper card), a 10% increase in service, charging cable car fares on the F line, premium fares for express service and others:

  • mikesonn

    Cable car fares on the F-line????

    They killed the 10 going up thru Levi’s Plaza. If you want to access the NE waterfront, the ONLY way to do it is via the F-line.

  • mikesonn

    San Franciscans want freeways now. And more parking. They’d all be right at home in Santa Clara County.

  • coolbabybookworm

    it’s ok, there’s a private Levi’s shuttle and some others that connect Market to Levi’s Plaza so that’s been solved.

  • mikesonn

    Wait, I thought inter-city shuttles were the problem…

  • Unless they’re provided by MUNI, like the ‘Twitter Express’ which could stop on it’s route and replace at least some of the Adobe/Advent/Zynga/Dolby shuttles.

  • Sprague

    Thanks for sharing the link and summarizing some of the proposals, Mario. The MTA board will hopefully recognize the folly of making parking free on Sundays while simultaneously increasing fares for transit as they pretend to push the needle in a pro-transit direction.

  • Mario Tanev

    Before you get your panties up in a bunch about that, it seems SFMTA really wants to do this and this proposal just keeps resurfacing and going nowhere. It was around during the last budget negotiations 2 years ago.

    There is a fundamental tension of having service that’s expensive to run, in high demand, and very tourist focused, and on the other hand providing value to local residents as well. I am not sure what the solution is: more money could help restore and maintain more streetcars, but then it would turn it into a purely tourist attraction, degrading its usefulness to residents, and its value and charm to the world.

  • ≖ Daly City should raise their sidewalk parking fines.

  • murphstahoe
  • 94103er

    Sunset Blvd comes to mind re a ‘freeway’ no one wants to change. And now here we are with yet another pedestrian death. What are we up to in 2014, after only one month?!?

  • mikesonn

    Thought the same thing.

  • shamelessly

    Boston has figured out how to charge out-of-towners more for transit than locals. They have the plastic Charlie Card (equivalent to Clipper) and paper Charlie Tickets (equivalent to our paper tickets). Their innovation is charging different rates for the two fare types (with the plastic card costing about 10% less per trip), coupled with requiring you to go through hoops to get a plastic card. So if you live there, you go through the hoops. If you’re visiting for a day or a few days, you just use a paper ticket and subsidize the system.
    Maybe SFMTA could do something like this instead of trying to charge tourist fares on a line that provides vital service?