Board of Supervisors Committee Considers Vision Zero

Agenda [PDF]

Of Note:

2.  140047 [Implement a VISION ZERO Three Point Plan: Engineering, Education, and Enforcement]
Sponsors: Kim; Avalos, Yee, Chiu and Mar
Resolution urging the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and Director of the Municipal Transportation Agency to adopt a VISION ZERO Three Point Plan to expedite the goals of San Francisco’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategies and implement an action plan to reduce traffic fatalities to zero in the next ten years through better engineering, education, and enforcement.



SFMTA Board Meeting: Updates on Vision Zero, Muni, and More

Agenda Presentations and discussions of note: SFMTA’s Strategic Plan and Key Performance Indicators San Francisco’s transportation trends and mode share goals Goal One: Vision Zero Goal Two: Transit First Goal Three: Major Capital Corridor Projects and Urban Planning Initiatives Goal Four: Public Outreach and Engagement and Employee Survey