Today’s Headlines

  • ABC‘s Investigation Into Cause of Ped Crashes Doesn’t Seem All That Interested in Statistics
  • Regional Public Transit Agencies Have Been Sharing Muni Stops For Decades (SF Examiner)
  • Ed Reiskin: SFMTA Hasn’t Made “Handshake Deals” (Examiner); SF Weekly: That’s a “Semantic Dodge”
  • Hey Google, San Francisans Won’t Like You Until You Fix Muni! (SF Weekly)
  • Why Do Bike Lanes in SF Take So Long to Install? SFBC Explains
  • More on Student Crossing Guard Program: “Grown-Ups Behave Better” When Kids Control Traffic (CBS)
  • Three-Space Parklet Begins to Take Shape in the Outer Richmond (Richmond SF)
  • Plaza in the Fillmore Set to Get Revamp With Plants, Cultural Touches (The New Fillmore)
  • Lyft, Uber Battle Taxis, Agencies Beyond SF (KQED), Sup. Mar Considers Cap on Ride-Shares (KTVU)
  • Alameda Plans Parking-Protected Bike Lane on Shore Line Drive (Alamaden)
  • Fremont: 4-Year-Old Girl Critically Injured, Woman Killed (KTVU) by Drivers (CoCo Times)
  • One of Three Lawsuits Settled Against Plan Bay Area (SF Business Times)

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