Today’s Headlines

  • SFPD Seeks Hit-and-Run Driver Who Seriously Injured Man at 10th and Division (SF Appeal)
  • Two Women Seen Fleeing After Driver Leaves Car Slammed Into Bakery at 21st and Folsom (KRON)
  • Truck-Driving Fireighter Who Struck Motorcyclist in DUI Collision Last June Released From Jail (ABC)
  • Tech Bus Lovers and Haters Rally to Speak at Supes Hearing on CEQA Appeal Today (SFBG 1, 2)
  • E-Embarcadero Historic Streetcar Line Expected to Begin Service in 2015 (NBC)
  • Next City Writer Hails Muni’s All-Door-Boarding, Proof-of-Payment System as Model for Faster Transit
  • Bold Italic Writer Advises on Proper Etiquette When Riding Muni in Wet Weather
  • New SF Startup Rents Cars to Lyft and Uber (SF Examiner)
  • Oakland Police Officer Hits Pedestrian at 7th & Broadway, Just Outside Headquarters (CBS)
  • More on the Devil’s Slide Converted Highway Trail, Including Some Road History (Bay Bikers)
  • Apple Plans to Get More Employees Out of Cars With Dedicated Transit Center (MacRumors)
  • Caltrain Board to Review Ten-Year Strategic Plan to Improve Service (Green Caltrain)

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  • Impressively low numbers for fare evasion after all door boarding on Muni in the NextCity article. I’m sure I’ve heard some wingnuts claim this is a magnitude larger.

  • EastBayer

    Devil’s Slide was beautiful, yet stressful to bike before. What a great project.

  • gary

    Sure a lot of hit and run these days. Don’t they know, if they stopped and said the ped ran in front of them, their off scott free?

  • Jame

    Did you know there were two restaurant hit and runs on Sunday. A bar in Oakland had a similar incident too, where a car smashed into the window of the bar. 🙁