Today’s Headlines

  • Sup. Wiener to Propose Muni Funding Plan in Case Vehicle License Fee Fails at Ballot (SFGate)
  • Children Being Taught How Not to Get Killed by Drivers While Walking on SF Streets (SFGate, Exam)
  • Coverage of Car Closures Proposed for Crooked Lombard Street (SFGate, SFBay, CBS, ABC, SFist)
  • Matier and Ross: Bay Bridge Peak-Hour Tolls Not Alleviating Congestion (SFGate)
  • Transbay Transit Center’s Costs Rise, Leading to Cost-Cutting (SFGate)
  • Graphic Designer’s Website Features Muni’s Paper Fast Passes Over the Decades (Muni Diaries)
  • SFMTA May Not Launch Taxi App Since Flywheel Already Exists (SF Examiner)
  • SFO Looks to Crack Down on Unpermitted Uber Drivers Picking Up Passengers (SFBG)
  • …But Won’t Block FlightCar Peer-to-Peer Car-Share (SM Daily Journal)
  • San Jose Bike Train Starts Taking Commuters Through Silicon Valley (Cyclelicious)
  • Google Maps Now Shows Elevation With Bike Directions (Cyclelicious)

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  • david vartanoff

    So we are getting Port Authority Bus Terminal West. Did ANYONE really believe we would get a decent building??? and as to on time, on budget, only if all of the fixers and grafters are…

  • 94103er

    Elevation changes…well, better late than never. On a side note, I sent feedback to Google Maps the other day because bike directions were trying to take me on San Jose Ave south of Bosworth (required exit unless you have a death wish). Got a fairly prompt, friendly reply, but nothing was actually changed. Seems typical for Google.

    Hope that doesn’t discourage all of you to send notes if you see other things wrong with routing. If Google doesn’t work, what are newbies/bike-share types using, for chrissakes?

  • Gezellig

    Yeah, they seem to be hit-and-miss on that.

    Though my request to have G Maps show the protected lane for two blocks on Polk went through, as well as my request to have the asphalt multiuse path up and down the west side of Sunset Blvd be shown in its entirety (for some reason they’d formerly had it broken up on some blocks but not others).

    I think it’s important not only for the visual stuff but also because Google’s route-suggestion algorithms naturally give preference to routes with more protected lanes, so it’s especially helpful for newbies/bike-share types/etc.

  • voltairesmistress

    Kudos to Supervisor Wiener for trying, once again, to provide Muni with the regular, increased funding it needs. The Vehicle Licensing Fee increase will most likely fail, but Wiener’s proposed ballot initiative to increase Muni funding with population increase makes basic common sense. I think it likely the voters would support it, whether they ride Muni or benefit from others doing so. Let’s hope the Board of Supervisors agrees, and this proposal gets on the ballot.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    I’ll be genuinely surprised if we even get the bus station with dedicated ramps to the bridge. It seems more likely to me that in the end they’ll leave the buses fighting with traffic on the surface streets to save costs by not building the bridges.

  • 94110

    Google’s definition of “mostly flat” seems significantly different than mine.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    As far as I can tell “mostly flat” indicates that the route is too short for Google to claim anything about the profile. You’ll notice that the profile isn’t very detailed which probably papers over a lot of data quality issues with discontinuities at tile borders and stuff like that. These are data quality issues that e.g. Strava are happy to just wave off by returning bad profiles.

    Some other bloggers have commented that some route was “mostly flat” and then later showed a profile, perhaps after someone rode it with their Android turned on.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Actually it’s pretty weird, the “mostly flat” thing seems to come and go randomly. Like if I add some flats at the end of a route, it says that it’s “mostly flat” even though it had a 200ft, 18% climb in it.