Today’s Headlines

  • Man, 77, Hospitalized by Driver While Crossing Dolores at 30th “Against the Red Light” (SFGate)
  • SFMTA Board Approves Trial Car Restrictions on Crooked Lombard (SFGateExamKRONNBC)
  • Sup. Wiener Pens Column on SFFD’s “Bureaucratic Backlash” Against Narrower Streets (CityLab)
  • Sup. Avalos Proposes Ballot Measure to Remove Board Appointments From Mayor’s Power (SFGate)
  • Report: SF Spends Too Little on Bike Projects (Weekly); Tonight: “Ride of Silence” Returns (ABC)
  • SFCTA “Ordered the Lobster” on the Menu of Office Real Estate (SF Weekly)
  • SFMTA Board Approves Contract Doubling Ad Wraps on Muni Buses (SF Examiner)
  • Stanley Roberts Catches Drivers Abusing the Geary Transit Lane, Even With the Red Paint
  • SFMTA Board Drops Taxi App to Focus on Improving Data for Third-Party Apps (SF Examiner)
  • New Mission Parklet at 22nd and San Jose Gets Muralist Treatment (Mission Mission)
  • Updates on CA HSR (SPUR); Palo Alto City Council Pushes for Caltrain Funds in Tax Measure (Merc)
  • 18-Year-Old Britney Silva Killed by Amtrak in San Leandro While Talking on Phone (SFGate, KTVU)

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  • Chazza

    Wiener for mayor!

  • Mario Tanev

    Regarding the man crossing at Dolores and 30th.

    This is an intersection I use often. Until the end of 2012 it was configured to flash red after hours in all directions. But at the end of 2012 they reconfigured the intersection so that the traffic signal operates 24/7, and they added separate phases for Northbound vs Southbound direction, with a very short phase for crossing east/west. That has put a noticeable delay on the Muni lines J, 24 and 36 in the area (which go East/West). It has also made pedestrians cross massively on red, since at night traffic is lighter. The waiting time is especially long for those pedestrians waiting crossing East/West. Further, the light cycle for East/West (crossing Dolores) is quite short and it’s hard to finish crossing in time, unless you’re walking very fast.

    When the changes went into effect, I reached out to Supervisor Wiener who spoke to the SFMTA. I was told this was done to reduce vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, (left-turning vehicles presumably, which now get their own phase), and that bulbouts would eventually be added on 30th (doesn’t solve this problem). I think this is a self-inflicted problem.

  • Andy Chow

    East Bay cities need to pay attention to the rail crossings and make improvements to enhance safety. On the other side of the Bay, Caltrain has undertaken upgrades to provide barriers and pedestrian gates so that people cannot accidentally walk in front of a train.

    San Leandro crossing with no pedestrian gates:

    Mountain View crossing with pedestrian gates and railings:

  • Bruce

    Great article in Yahoo News today about Sofia Liu, Cooper Stock (child killed in NY by taxi driver), and the dangers of auto-centric street design:–a-preventable-traffic-tragedy-200552242.html

  • 94103er

    Yep. Also, I called out the dumb SFGate blogger for declaring the pedestrian was behaving ‘illegally’ without actually knowing what happened and (*of course*) failed to speculate whether or not the driver was, in fact, breaking the law–that is, speeding.

    Can the cops be bothered to even try to suss out some truth from the drivers about how fast they were going? Not that they’d be truthful necessarily, but many people might fess up then and there if directly interrogated about it.

  • GC

    And that’s how we systematically screw pedestrians.

  • Sprague

    and transit riders… so much for transit first.