Today’s Headlines

  • Most Muni Workers Return to Work (SFGate, Exam); Most Submit Doctors’ Notes (CBS, KTVU)
  • SF Chronicle Blasts Sick-Out; Muni Union Pres Explains Reasons Behind Protests (48 Hills, SFBG)
  • Truck Driver Hits Fire Hydrant at 19th and Mission (KTVU)
  • Stanley Roberts Spotlights Drivers Blocking the Box in SoMa
  • Another Day, Another Nasty Note From a Driver Angry About a Parking Spot (Bernalwood)
  • Sunday Streets Returns to Great Highway, Golden Gate Park this Weekend (Richmond SF)
  • Hoodline Gets to Know the SF Bike Party (Which is Tonight)
  • Damn 1890s Bay Area Hipsters and Their Penny-Farthings (Slate)
  • CA Supreme Court Strikes Down Driver’s Claim That Red-Light Camera Footage is “Hearsay” (KTVU)
  • Group of AC Transit Riders Takes Tour With Board Member to Voice Fare Payment Concerns (KTVU)
  • Beatrice Sanchez, 81, Dies After Being Hit by Cargo Van Driver in San Rafael (Marin IJ)
  • Seizure-Prone Man Who Drove, Crashed With Suspended License Convicted of Murder of Two (SFGate)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    The Stanley Roberts piece didn’t get to the bottom of the problem on Harrison. The problem is there’s an SFMTA guy standing at the corner of 1st and Harrison, manually operating the signals. And what he does is he turns the light green for 1st Street and leaves it that way for minutes at a stretch. Why anyone would do this, I have no idea. The longest I’ve stood at the corner waiting to cross 1st while this guy read the newspaper was 7 minutes by my watch. 7 minutes of red light on Harrison causes a colossal traffic jam all the way down to Embarcadero, down Spear as far as Market St, and all over the area. I don’t think this is a reasonable way to operate traffic signals and I don’t know why SFMTA chooses to do this.

  • shamelessly

    I keep reading conflicting claims about the MUNI drivers’ raise. The city claims that even with the new pension contribution, drivers end up ahead, but the drivers claim that when all is said and done they’re getting a net pay decrease. Does anyone have a solid source that shows numbers and math? It seems like someone is stretching the truth and I’d like to understand who.

  • Justin

    Hey you all I’m sure all of you are aware that I think tonight ABC7 I-team Dan Noyes is doing a segment on the 3ft law just saying to let you all know.

  • Doctors will give me a Valium prescription for a small cut with 2 stitches and give out handicap placards, service animal permits, and medical marijuana cards–I’m afraid they are not going to ward off the barbarians at the gate.