Today’s Headlines

  • BART Board Sets Oakland Airport Connector Fare at $6, as TransForm Urged (SFGateABC, KTVU)
  • BART to Test New Train Cars With Different Pole, Bike Rack Configurations (SF ExaminerKTVU)
  • Muni Union Breaks Off Labor Contract Talks Again (SFGate, CBS)
  • Board of Supes Approves Contract for Central Subway Automatic Train Control System (SFBay)
  • With VLF Off the Table, SFMTA Will Have to Find $33M Next Year for Street Safety Upgrades (Examiner)
  • First Glimpses of Castro Street’s Makeover With New, Wider Sidewalks (Castro Biscuit)
  • Parking Spots Reserved for Construction for a Long Time are “Held Hostage,” in the Words of CBS
  • “Restore Balance” Motorheads in Potrero View: Transit-First Policies Equate to “War on Motorists”
  • Potrero View Reminds Child Care Givers That They Can Get Residential Parking Permits
  • Santa Clara County Takes Transportation Sales Tax Off Ballot (CoCo Times, Green Caltrain)
  • San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Charged With DUI (SM Daily Journal)

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  • hp2ena

    The restore balance motorheads are expected to make an appearance at the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association next M 6/16 6:30p at St. Paulus Lutheran, Polk between California and Sacramento. Anyone interested in voicing their opinion around transportation balance or discussing how their measure can be leveraged for the goal of livable streets should attend.

  • twinpeaks_sf

    The new BART bike racks are nice, but already there could be less bicycle capacity on the new trains, since the other open spaces will clearly be marked for wheelchairs (or standing/seating). This is a fine trade-off – however, now we’re pushing the decision to have bike racks in every car off 3 more years. Hope the BART Board doesn’t fold.

  • SFnative74

    As someone who puts more miles driving now then ever have before – and more miles than bicycling, transit or walking these days – I have to laugh at the argument made in the Potrero View. Driving through this city is actually pretty easy, especially compared to other cities that are even less dense than SF – Chicago and LA come to mind. How many streets are well-timed for driving? Pine/Bush, Golden Gate/Turk, Fell/Oak, Franklin/Gough… One example: more than a few times I’ve been able to exit 101, drive along Octavia turn onto Fell, go up Franklin, and not have to stop ONCE until I get to Lombard and Pierce. CostCo is mentioned a couple times in the Potrero View opinion…my family and I drive there frequently and it’s not very difficult at all! Finding a parking spot in their garage can be another story but the drive to and from there is smooth sailing – 10th being another well-timed street. Bad example to use David Looman!

  • Bruce

    The BART board decision is a cop-out. Now I’m worried that not every car will have bike racks as originally promised.

  • Jamison Wieser

    Everyone needs to stop giving SFMTA a platform to whine and lie about not having enough money. If the SFMTA really did need $33 million for, they could get $11 by continuing sunday meter enforcement.

    SFMTA would only $22 million short if it gave a shit about anyone who doesn’t own a car. Instead of funding at least some of these 40 PEDESTRIAN SAFETY PROJECTS, the SFMTA, the Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors decided car owners who whine about being “nickel and dimmed” are more important than people’s lives.

  • Prinzrob

    At least we now know clearly which directors support the bike racks and which do not, based on the comments made at the meeting. This allows us to work on putting pressure in the right places to ensure a favorable vote in 2016 (a BART Board election year). It is a long process, but this basically the same thing that happened with the all-hours bike access campaign, which also started with a limited pilot project.

  • Kevin J

    Doesn’t seem like much of a “transportation balance” unless you divide it more equally. Spending $11M for free parking vs. not spending $33M on pedestrian safety should be more like: spending $22M for free parking and not spending $22M on safety.

  • murphstahoe

    840,000 SF residents own feet. 400,000 SF residents own cars.

  • Jamison Wieser

    Is there any idea how many residents own bikes?

  • Jamison Wieser

    If San Francisco is waging a war on cars it’s not working. More kids are killed by cars every year than any other cause. If cars were a country we would have long since invaded and leveled it.

    I do have to agree with the Potrero View that the SFMTA went to far in banning people from driving to Costco. When did they make Costco close their garage? It looked like it was still open when I last passed by a few weeks ago.