Today’s Headlines

  • Facing “Ride-Share” App Competition, SF Taxi Drivers Vote to Unionize (SF Examiner)
  • More From the Meeting Where the SF Democratic Party Rejected Cars-First Prop L (SFBG)
  • After Some Delay, Castro Street Construction Continues With Concrete Pouring (Castro Biscuit)
  • People Behaving Badly: Drivers Illegally Park and Snap Photos of Mrs. Doubtfire House While Driving
  • SFMTA and Collection Agency Issue Some Parking Tickets to Wrong Drivers (KTVU)
  • Car-Free Mixed-Use Development Planned for Car Wash at 10th and Harrison in SoMa (SocketSite)
  • Planning Begins for Mission Bay Warriors Arena With 700-Car Garage (SF ExaminerBiz Times)
  • Overwhelming Car Traffic Makes Fans Late to Paul McCartney Concert at Candlestick Park (CBS)
  • Suspicious Package Found at Richmond BART Create Major Delays for Passengers (CBS)
  • 49ers Confident More Parking, Extra Trains Will Ease Congestion for Game at Levi’s (Mercury 1, 2)
  • How to Make Levi’s Stadium Trips to More Affordable? Take Transit or Carpool (CBS)
  • Nearly Four-Fifths of CA’s Electric Car Rebates Go to Households Earning Over $100,000 (LA Times)

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  • Andy Chow

    The traffic at Candlestick was a mess especially after 7pm, even worse than playoff games that had even higher attendance. Even though Muni provided extra service, I wasn’t so sure about BART, so when the show ended, I wondered whether people catching Muni was able to connect with the last BART. Even though the attendance may be comparable to Jay-Z, but people who are going to this one are generally older and may not be as drawn to transit due to age, disability, work, etc. A weeknight show is also a factor since people more likely to arrive at the same time.

    It is kind of a moot point since there won’t be any other event at Candlestick anymore, and Muni’s problem is now going to be VTA’s problem.

  • SF Guest

    If you think last night’s traffic was a mess wait till the Warriors come to SF. While there will be a decent percentage of those who will take public transit there will always be loyalists who drive.

    SF voters wanted AT&T park with the belief that many of them will defect to taking public transit. The problem with the Mission Bay site is there are only two major arteries to get there — 3d St. and 16th Sts.

  • murphstahoe

    Concerts are worse than games because games are attended by people who have established a routine and go over and over and over and know what to do, thus not having to go over a hurdle.

    Niners playoff games don’t occur during commute rush hour, McCartney played on a Thursday.

    My experience with the Caltrain and Giants is that the older fans are even more appreciative of the transit.

  • Andy Chow

    When it is not a game there are fewer transit options available (like no charter bus service that were once run by SamTrans, VTA, and Golden Gate Transit). Caltrain recognized but never marketed it as a option to get to Candlestick (because it didn’t want to compete with SamTrans bus service when it ran it). The only time I think it ran a special train was after a playoff game.

    If the show were to end earlier like 10:30pm or BART/Caltrain were to run a hour later, it might make people heading to the show less worried about making it in time when the show is over, but the Muni stop at Candlestick was packed anyway.

  • hp2ena

    To begin with, Muni should not have forced most passengers coming in on BART to transfer at Balboa Park or at Downtown to the T. Lines for the Muni shuttles, particularly the 75X, were LONG. The wait was exasperated by the inadequate amount of shuttles, which itself was underscored when Muni had to divert an 8X bus to operate on the 75X.

    It’s interesting to see that Muni has successfully provided service to Candlestick during weekday evenings in the past, particularly for the Monday Night Football games, but that was because they had express routes running to different parts of the city, which allowed passengers to be dispersed without overwhelming the rest of the system. Was it a fleet/operator issue that prevented deploying the maximum amount of buses/running more routes for last night’s event?

  • p_chazz

    If sports fans are supposedly more knowlegeable about public transit than concert goers, why is Embarcadero Station always filled with clueless people season after season whenever the Giants are playing at home?

  • twinpeaks_sf

    Public transit operators are no longer permitted to charge special event fares for such services (used to be $12 on Muni), so the SFMTA has made the choice to simply not provide the football shuttle buses that used to serve many different parts of the City since they no long can recoup the costs.

    I tried to find more information for you, but couldn’t dig up the article I remember reading. Perhaps someone else can..

  • murphstahoe

    The clueless ones are not the season ticket holders, they are people who are going to a game instead of a movie this week.

    The Niners are 90% plus season tickets

  • Justin

    Don’t forget about those out of town fans if any, regardless of whether they are A’s fans or Dodger fans or fans of other baseball teams that also can be clueless

  • Andy Chow

    During the last season Muni decided to charge regular fares for the 49er express buses.

  • twinpeaks_sf

    ^ were forced to

  • 94110

    Clueless in a transit station is amazing compared to driving solo.

    I (once again reverse commuting) saw the sign saying “event parking next two exits” and 100% of drivers taking the first exit.