Today’s Headlines

  • SF’s First Block of Raised Bike Lane to Be Included as Part of Mission/Valencia Plaza Project (SFBC)
  • Earthquake Causes Roads to Buckle; Amtrak, ACE Briefly Suspend Trains (SFGateSF ExaminerCBS)
  • SF, BART Could Do a Better Job of Making Transit Easy for Tourists to Navigate (SFGate)
  • Lorysha Gage to Return to Court on Charges for Leaving Niece, Mi’yana Gregory in Crosswalk (Exam)
  • SFPUC to Unveil Final Designs for Rain Gardens, Bike/Ped Upgrades Near Baker Beach (Richmond)
  • Curbed SF Complains That More Parking Didn’t Somehow Appear With Fort Mason Pier’s Renovation
  • CHP Pursues Drivers Shown in Youtube Videos Doing “Sideshows” On GG Bridge, Waldo Tunnel (PBB)
  • Reduction in Toll Takers on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Blamed for Car Backups (CBS)
  • San Rafael Asks if Residents Want “Quiet Zones” for SMART Trains to Mute Horns (Marin IJ)
  • State Requires Google’s Self-Driving Cars to Include Steering Wheels (WSJ, SF Business Times)

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  • Gezellig

    SF/BART could even do better making BART easier for residents!

    Despite years of taking BART just today again I was faced with that momentary panic…”uh-oh…am I at 24th or 16th St already?!” The signs are incredibly small–you have to really crane your neck and scan and sometimes the signs are still not there. Any audio announcements (within the train or outside) are often garbled, even if English is your native language (“we’re now arriving eruh wopeiiifopwa-gsHZXHJK asdjhsdf station to transfer to qwehj-kweuio-weuhiwerhjk make sure to sdhfjksdgfh”).

    –> As for visual improvements, it really could be as simple as pasting some huge ’24TH ST STATION’ decals on the walls. Or, kinda like this:

    But inside the station.

    –> As for audio improvements, I think BART could even take a lesson from Muni Metro. As quirky-fun as the garbled BART robot voices are, Muni Metro’s “Next stop…..Forest…Hill…Station” inside the train or the platform announcements “Approaching…outbound…two-car…N..N…followed…by…” are always way clearer.

  • Tourist

    The complete lack of visual distinction between BART station is frustrating. It’s so hard to tell which one is which.

    Meanwhile, in Prague, all the stations have a unique design.