SFMTA Taps Tom Maguire From NYC DOT to Run Sustainable Streets Division

Tom Maguire. Photo: 2nd Connected / Vehicles Symposium

We have word from a reliable source that the new SFMTA Sustainable Streets Director will be Tom Maguire, a highly regarded executive at the New York City Department of Transportation, where he served throughout the tenure of Janette Sadik-Khan, most recently as assistant commissioner of project development.

At NYC DOT, Maguire oversaw a broad range of public space, transit, and parking management projects. Among the initiatives under his watch was NYC DOT’s Select Bus Service program, which involves upgrades to surface transit similar to the Muni Transit Effectiveness Project. He also led research and communications related to NYC’s new public plazas and other street redesigns, and was instrumental in developing a sophisticated congestion pricing system that, while never implemented due to political cowardice in the state capital, was fully fleshed out and ready to roll in America’s largest city.

As we wrote in March, the next Sustainable Streets Director will play a critical role in delivering effective pedestrian safety improvements, a robust network of protected bike lanes, and faster and more reliable Muni service. The Sustainable Streets Division encompasses all of the agency’s street design and parking management work, and its leader will have to stand up to the vocal minority who fight tooth and nail to preserve the status quo on the streets. Maguire brings seven years of experience working for Sadik-Khan and former mayor Michael Bloomberg, who made NYC DOT a nationally-renowned leader in that department.

SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said he couldn’t comment on whether Maguire was indeed the selected candidate, but that an announcement would be made this week.

Update: The SFMTA officially announced Maguire’s hire and said he will start October 14.

  • NYC’s loss is SF’s gain. I think the city made a great pick right here.

  • Easy

    Oh man. Coming from a city that made a lot of progress quickly under a strong mayor and department head, boy is he going to be sad with our weak SFMTA, BoS, and mayor that have trouble standing up to a few vocal NIMBYs that try to keep SF roads stuck in the 1950s.

  • Jamey Frank
  • coolbabybookworm

    Interesting to see how much the site has toned down its rhetoric, I suppose in response to the No on L campaign. That said, it’s hard to say what, if anything, Prop L is advocating for since the “Myths” page kept going round in circles. “Prop L is not this, but it’s not that. It’s definitely not that. also not that. Did we mention the SFMTA is bad, but we’re not anti-transit.”

  • sebra leaves

    No on L is bored with the conversations on this blog.

  • ohnonononono

    Yet SFMTA has already had proof-of-payment and all-door-boarding on ALL bus and streetcar routes for a couple years now, right? Half the battle of SBS seems to be already implemented on every route in SF.

  • Mario Tanev

    I was the coordinator for the SFTRU campaign for all-door boarding. Comparing to the battles of today with ENUF, Prop L, MPNA, BRT, TEP and so on, all-door boarding turned out to be a piece of cake. The only group affected by all-door boarding were transit riders, and they tend to be a reasonable bunch. Whenever you touch on people’s god-given right to parking, well then, you’re in a world of hurt in San Francisco.

  • Justin

    I hope he will be able to contribute his experience and expertise to an agency that desperately needs someone who isn’t afraid to take chances and try new things with innovation and think creatively and think outside of the box unconventionally if need be. Though I really hope that he will be able to do that and NOT allow narrow minded, obtuse hostile people who aren’t opened to much needed change or don’t get it, get in the way politically as well, this is always my concern as I’ve seen in the past, well see what happens, i wish him the very best!

  • Filamino

    No, the SFMTA and BoS listens to the everyone’s opinion and takes into account the interests of everyone in the city. It’s only you and other Streetsblog people who insist they represent the majority of the City which is obviously not true.

  • M.

    Oh yeah. I’d love to hear his honest impressions in a year’s time.

  • timsmith

    Suddenly you’re defending the SFMTA’s fairness, eh? I guess we don’t need a ballot measure to ensure their balance then.


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