SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting


Of note:

11. Authorizing the Director to implement a seven percent transit service to be phased in as part of
the Transit Effectiveness Project/Muni Forward service increase; authorizing free Muni for low and
moderate income seniors and disabled customers who use a Clipper® card for FY 2015 and FY
2016 effective March 1, 2015; allocating additional funding for transit fleet cleanliness and
appearance; and amending Transportation Code Division II, Section 309 to eliminate the payment
of telephone and on-line computer transaction fee effective May 1, 2015.

12. Approving programming of up to $210 million from various sources to exercise the first option
for 40 additional light rail vehicles under Contract #2013-19; authorizing the Director enter into an
agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to repay up to $153 million if the
SFMTA is unable to secure cap-and-trade funds to finance Option 1 and authorizing the Director to
execute an amendment to Contract #2013-19 with Siemens Industry to exercise Option 1 to procure
an additional 40 light rail vehicles for an amount not to exceed $210 million.


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MTA to Begin Repairing Fleet of Damaged LRVs

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