Today’s Headlines

  • Oak Street Bike Lane’s Protective Concrete Planters Finished (Hoodline)
  • Double Parking Enforcement Declines With Fewer Parking Control Officers (SFBay, SFGate – Scroll)
  • Some Drivers Don’t Comply With New Back-In Angled Parking Spaces in Front of City Hall (SFGate)
  • Competing Petitions Support, Oppose On-Street Car-Share Parking in Upper Haight (Hoodline)
  • Proposal to Move Alcatraz Ferry to Fort Mason Has Neighbors Concerned About Influx of Cars (KTVU)
  • BART Delayed After Police Chase Suspect Through Tunnels Between 24th Street and Daly City (KTVU)
  • Bay Area Toll Authority Considers Automated Toll Payment on Seven More Bridges (SFGate)
  • 15-Year-Old Boy Killed by Caltrain in Palo Alto (Almanac, ABC)
  • Sausalito’s Problem? Too Many People on Rental Bikes, Says Council Member (Marin IJ)
  • Feds Approach Wrong Suspect; Driver Flees and Crashes into Paratransit Bus in Oakland (EBX, CBS)
  • TransForm’s GreenTRIP Database Shows How Parking Minimums Hurt the Bay Area (Cyclelicious)
  • Will Mandatory Bike Helmets Make Californians Safer? LA Times Digs Up Some Research

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  • Guest

    Yeah, if two unmarked black vehicles emptied hordes of non-uniformed men who came running at my car in Oakland, I’d hit the gas too.

    I’d probably be rammed into a paratransit van and then beaten before taken to the hospital too.

    Oakland could fix a lot of their problems with the money they keep paying out whenever their Finest Bad Apples incur another multimillion dollar court settlement. But hey, best Oakland can do is fire an officer or two for a year before they get reinstated with back pay. It’s kinda sending bad elements to prison to keep them off the street… except it’s a year (post) paid vacation.

    And if this all turns out to be a misunderstanding and it wasn’t actually officers misbehaving? I’ll be surprised, I’ll admit I jumped to conclusions, and I’ll patiently explain that Oakland law enforcement’s record is still so bad that it’s one of the primary things that keeps me from considering moving there.

  • Gezellig

    Wow, re: Sausalito councilmember Pfeifer, that’s some serious myopia. No clue as to why streets designed like this aren’t optimal for throngs of people on bikes?
    So much wasted on-road space, and the lack of infrastructure causes many to just use the sidewalk anyway.
    For all the space that middle lane takes up it’s practically unused except for all the illegal parking that goes on in it.

    Also, would you rather all those people on bikes decided to visit Sausalito with yet more cars instead? I also bet that Pfeifer doesn’t mind the tax dollars all the tourists bring in to a town that only has about 7k residents.

    Doorzone fail. Build separated infrastructure!

    Thankfully, not everyone in Sausalito is so breathtakingly clueless or unimaginative as Pfeifer appears to be. As I commute by bike through Sausalito every day I check in on this stuff when I can and there are long-term plans to improve the bike connection from Alexander to Bridgeway and Bridgeway to northern city limits at Gate 6 Rd.

    Many there recognize the ideal is an unbroken separated (Class I and/or Class IV) bike facility going continuously from southern to northern city limits instead of the current mix of sharrows, doorzone Class II lanes, and the now archaic/subpar/uneven Class I path alongside Bridgeway from Harbor to Gate 6 Rd.

    I actually spoke with one of the Sausalito city engineers last week and he said it’s not one single unified project and that each stretch is subject to winning funding requests, which for some of the stretches hasn’t happened yet.

    One welcome and desperately needed change that’s further along is the retrofit of the dangerous and poorly designed Gate 6 Rd./Bridgeway/101 intersection, currently going through encroachment review by Caltrans:



  • TN

    It was the US Marshal’s officers who were involved. Local law enforcement was not.

    There’s a lot to criticize about OPD. But they weren’t involved in this case.

  • “Ahhhhh watch out a small lightweight nimble object is going to hit us any minute!!! RUUUUUUN!!!!”

  • Kevin

    For real. I don’t understand why there is a center turn lane – that space could be turned into space for a separated bike lane and make it easier for cars and bikes to share space.

    Also, it’s strange to me that a councilperson would be against tourist revenue, especially with tourists on bikes. Would the councilperson prefer if everyone just drove instead? I bet people in bikes would be able to patronize local business easier and more often than people that drove.

    I seriously don’t understand why more tourists on bikes is a bad thing.

  • Kevin

    Well said.

    Also, in my book “Fit the description of a suspect” is just police lingo for a black man.

  • Prinzrob

    I agree that OPD has a lot of work to do internally, but the people involved in this story were federal marshals. It’s unclear if OPD was involved.

  • murphstahoe

    councilperson already has theirs. As long as Fred’s breakfast is still serving pancakes, all is well.

  • gneiss

    The council member Linda Pfeifer from Sausalito is delusional if she thinks that there is any legals standing for the town to force a cap on the number of bicycles that rental companies in San Francisco can rent to people who are riding across the bridge. After all, how do those companies know that their clients are going to go all the way to Sausalito? And the Marin IJ is providing a false equivalency with the success the town had with tour buses exiting towards the north by forcing them to turn right rather than left as they exit the main parking lot in the middle of town. What, are they going to put a “no cyclists allowed” or “cyclists must dismount” sign on 2nd Avenue? Good luck with that.

    What’s particularly galling is the sales tax and GGT transit ferry revenue generated by all those people riding bikes is being used to prop up town finances and the GGT weekday operations. Instead of using that revenue to improving facilities to make it easier for both car drivers and people on bikes to co-exists and ensuring their safety, they are whining about how crowded it’s become and how chaotic. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    As Gezellig has shown below, there is no shortage of space on the promenade to add separated bicycle infrastructure. Why not just use some of that sales tax revenue, hire some bicycle infrastructure consultants and create an engineered solution to resolve the conflicts?

  • Guest

    There is a lot to criticize about OPD. One of those things is their tendency to invite in other law enforcement agencies which are not governed by the same settlements they are.

    A little reading and it looks like they probably have no control over what the U.S. Marshals do on their turf.

  • Gezellig

    Sausalito has actually done numerous studies on creating a Class I path along the Bridgeway/waterfront and has applied to some grants but not been awarded them.

    However, as you point out, Sausalito of all places has other funding options. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Look at what San Luis Obispo did:

    This I actually think would be an amazing thing to push for in SF.