Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Cuts Into Haight’s Red Muni-Only Lane, Causes Bus Crash, Injures Two (Hoodline, SFGate)
  • Muni Drivers on New 55 Line Barred From Using UCSF Bathrooms (SF Chronicle – Scroll)
  • BART Seeks Public Input on Service Proposals for Warm Springs Extension (ABC)
  • Demolition of Old Bay Bridge Span Could Be Complicated By Endangered Fish (Inside Bay Area)
  • More on the Bay Area Toll Authority’s Consideration of All-Electronic Bridge Tolling (ABC)
  • Pair of Berkeley Merchants Blame Moved Bus Stop and Parking for Drop in Business (East Bay Express)
  • Caltrain and South Bay Cities Look to Reduce Caltrain Track Suicides, With Seven This Year (KQED)
  • Central Valley Still Stuck in 1950s When it Comes to Freeway Building (GJEL)

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  • mx

    I’m sure Muni will start paying UCSF a couple hundred a month in bathroom rent and all the “security” concerns will magically go away.

  • Prinzrob

    The SFBC (Advocacy Organization of the Year) and Bike East Bay (Campaign of the Year, Measure BB) take home advocacy awards at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC:

  • chetshome

    The Berkeley bus-stop-moving article is such a perfect example of car-centric thinking…

    Near the bottom of the article about people whining about not being able to park immediately in front of their destination, it’s suggested:
    “or simply removing it altogether — the rationale being that the stop in front of Safeway is close enough, and centrally located enough, to service that entire stretch of College Avenue”

  • david vartanoff

    As a non-driver and regular shopper in that area, I disagree. The Alcatraz-Claremont segment of College has been a major delay spot for the 51B for years–sometimes over 3 minutes to go the one long block. The problems begin with the mid-block Berkeley-Oakland border where the street changes angle and width. Much of this could have been improved had AC and Oakland leaned on Safeway during the design/permitting phase of their expansion to give the street an extra transit only lane, w/ the bus stop right at the store. By AC’s own published policies, the NB stop at Alcatraz would then have been eliminated.

  • murphstahoe

    5 years ago an 18 month closure of the road over Crystal Springs Dam began – making cyclists take a couple mile detour that includes a 3 mile climb, the last half mile of which is quite steep. The road is still closed, the contractors have demobilized from the construction site, the projected finish date is still 2 years out but frankly indeterminate. Very fast strong riders (semi-pro racers) comparing times on strava indicate that the detour adds 6 minutes, for a nominal rider it is more like 15 minutes and substantially tiring.

    Now San Mateo County is going to close a 1 mile bike path that is part of that detour. The alternate routes that they provide require cyclists to add another couple of miles including long stretches of climbs at 15% gradients, along with descents at 15% gradients where it is difficult to keep speeds under 40 MPH – on roads that are shared with heavy traffic either headed to 280 or near a private school with near 100% car mode share.

    To me this is like the Bay Bridge being closed for 5 years, and then the GGB district and Caltrans shut down the GGB, San Mateo Bridge, and the Dumbarton. And the ferries and BART.

  • Bruce

    Yes, it sucks, but it’s only being closed for a week, and for trail improvements at that.

  • murphstahoe

    Good point. After all the dam route will reopen in early 2012

  • Bruce

    Apples and oranges. One project is a major seismic upgrade that turned out to be much larger than anticipated because of significant structural deficiencies, necessitating complete replacement. The other project is repaving a mile or two of trail.

  • murphstahoe

    And what sucks is that they don’t give a crap. The GGB closed for 2 days and it was known “this will inconvenience people” and the signage was placed hundreds of miles away for months preceeding. There has been almost zero outreach on this and the works department surely thinks “what’s the big deal?”

    And there is a very straightforward flat detour – I-280. The dam has been closed 5 years and Caltrans won’t budge and make that legal.

  • Bruce

    Isn’t I-280 on a high bridge above the dam and reservoir? How does that save any climbing?

  • murphstahoe

    The dam is done. The contractor has now demobilized without completing the road and there is no timeline or schedule for any work.

  • murphstahoe

    Is my credibility so poor that you believe I would make that up?

    Look at the Strava tracks yourself.

  • Gezellig

    So the plan amongst the Stanislaus County freeway boosters is that despite a $2 billion backlog in road maintenance needs they’re going to spend the better part of a billion to build more 60s-era freeways? Ok!

    Also, note this:

    “A few dozen leaders from Stanislaus and Merced counties waited at a Manteca station Thursday for a train to take them west.

    They rode the Altamont Corridor Express, which runs from Stockton to San Jose by way of Livermore, to show their support for a proposed branch to Modesto and points south.

    Modesto could get service as early as 2018 and Merced by 2022, with Turlock somewhere in between. The planners do not yet know how to cover the capital cost, estimated at a few hundred million dollars, but that did not daunt the people riding Thursday.”

    Not to mention other regional transit initiatives that could be focused on.

  • Bruce
  • murphstahoe

    “making cyclists take a couple mile detour that includes a 3 mile climb, the last half mile of which is quite steep.”

    “And there is a very straightforward flat detour – I-280.”