Today’s Headlines

  • Stanley Roberts, SFPD Patrol Van Ness for Distracted Drivers Awareness Month Crackdown
  • Sup. Avalos Concerned Drivers License Suspensions for Unpaid Tickets Prevent Opportunity (Examiner)
  • Planning Dept Releases Updated Parklet Manual and New Call for Proposals (SocketSite)
  • Bernal Hill Neighbor Suggest Improvements to Proposed Crosswalks (Bernalwood)
  • Lessons From Leap Transit From Wired and BART Board Member Nick Josefowitz (Biz Times)
  • Taxi Passenger Caught on Video Assaulting Driver With Padlock Near Civic Center Station (SF Examiner)
  • Person Killed on Tracks at El Cerrito BART (NBC)
  • Alameda Initiated Transportation Plan to Curb Traffic From New Development (Alamedan)
  • San Jose Councilman Introduces “Vision Zero” Bill for 15 MPH School Zones, Red Light Cameras (Merc)
  • South SF Developer Plans to Build 262 Luxury Units Near Revamped Caltrain Station (SM Daily)
  • Most Cyclists Stop for Stop Sign at Woodside Intersection, Fifth-Graders Find (Almanac)

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  • thielges

    Sup. Avalos should be more concerned that his constituents require a car to stay employed.

  • murphstahoe

    And really – they lost their licenses because they didn’t take care of their court appearances. Are they really going to be so worried about getting in their car despite having a suspended license?

  • murphstahoe

    Re SSF

    the city’s goal of building more transportation-oriented housing

    Downtown Station Area Specific plan that prioritized building
    residential units near public transportation systems, such as the
    Caltrain station

    The buildings are expected to be built four and five stories high, with
    residential units sitting over a couple levels of parking

  • Rogue Cyclist

    It’s official, 10 mph speed limit in effect on Mill Valley path:

  • thielges

    This of course will be accompanied with a similar reduction of the speed limit to 10MPH on the streets near the school too, right?

  • theqin

    They probably couldn’t show up to the court date because they have the kind of job where if they don’t show up for their shift they will get fired. Driving with a suspended license means jail time, so at least in some cases where people are having a hard time making ends meet in the first place.

    To some degree it is in everyone’s best interest that these people keep their licenses since then they will have an easier time getting insurance. Having drivers on the road without insurance is not good for anyone.

    People with suspended licenses do tend to drive a lot more carefully then those without, a lot of times though they get pulled over due to a broken headlight or whatever. Then they are in real trouble.

    We can probably agree that it’s questionable if these people should be driving in the first place, especially since driving and car maintenance can be quite expensive. But I am not sure that continually penalizing people for paying fines they can’t afford and missing court dates that interfere with their ability to pay their rent is a good policy. Especially if it means in their end they end up on the streets or in jail.

  • murphstahoe

    “Driving with a suspended license means jail time”

    You must be new here