Hit-and-Run Driver Arrested After Injuring Cyclist at Cesar Chavez & Valencia

John C. Fox tweeted this photo and: “To the shithead in the Silver SUV who hit and ran a cyclist at Cesar Chavez & Valencia: you’ll be found.”

The SFPD arrested a driver who hit a man on a bike and fled at Cesar Chavez and Valencia Streets yesterday at around 6:44 p.m. The victim is reportedly in stable condition and suffered a shoulder injury.

SFPD spokesperson Carlos Manfredi said the female driver fled, reported the crash about an hour later Mission Station, and was subsequently arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run.

The crash occurred while Streetsblog’s happy hour was happening at a bar around the corner. Some attendees who arrived after the crash reported seeing the crash scene, where a mangled bike, with its fork and front wheel broken off, was in the street.

  • thielges

    Any details on the collision? Was it a right hook? Hit from behind?

  • StrixNoctis .

    I’d like to know also. If the driver was driving a white mini van (or maybe small SUV that resembles a mini van) with a tinted back window, it could be the psycho who deliberately tried to hit me about 4 months ago when I was cycling on Mission @ Caesar Chavez blvd.

  • cas

    This happened right in front of me and a couple other cyclists as we were stopped on valencia facing south at cesar chavez. When our light turned green one guy rolled quickly out into the intersection. He didn’t see the midsize grey suv heading west on CC that had sped up on the yellow aiming straight through the intersection. It was pretty much a T-bone collision. The cyclist flew forward and into the CC bike lane on the west side of valencia. I called 911 and didn’t think to pay attention to the driver, though I heard a frantic woman argue with a bystander, saying that she had the green. The guy that was hit wasn’t moving but was conscious and knew his name so seems it could have been a lot worse.


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