Today’s Headlines

  • Muni’s Standards for Disabled Passenger Access Exceed ADA Requirements (SF Examiner)
  • Three-Day Construction Closure for Doyle Drive Traffic Expansion Project Delayed (SJ Mercury)
  • 2015 Bike-Friendly Businesses: Epsilon, Hipmunk, WaterSmart, Asian Art Museum (SFBC)
  • Party Bus Driver Strikes Pedestrian in SOMA, Causing Head Injuries (SF Examiner)
  • Drunk Driver Arrested After Head-On Crash That Hospitalized Brisbane Senior (SM Daily)
  • Driver Killed in Highway 680 Crash in Fremont Saturday Morning (SJ Mercury)
  • Fatal Crash Early Saturday Morning on Highway 101 in Marin County (ABC)
  • VTA Board Approval of Highway 85 Expansion Delayed by Cities’ Lawsuit (SJ Mercury)
  • Video: Change Lanes or Slow Down When Passing Tow Trucks (YouTube)

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  • Bruce

    The Muni ADA link takes you to the party bus crash story. Here’s the correct link:

  • theqin

    Why is the VTA trying to sell us out on mass transit down the highway 85 median. Any sort of bus is still going to have to wait in traffic and it’s not what was voted for. Cupertino especially is not served well by the VTA, as it takes a long time to get to Cupertino from any of the transit hubs. The only way I could support an express lane on 85 is if only busses are allowed in the express lane, otherwise they should do the right thing and run rail like we thought we were getting.

  • Andy Chow

    What’s is the point of this Muni ADA puff piece? Are they sour graping over Leap?

    The person who filed the ADA complaint lives in New York. Why doesn’t he file complaints against the dollar vans in his town.

    Is Muni that accessible? Well there are plenty of inaccessible Muni Metro surface stops and even with a 3rd generation of LRVs there are no plans to make Muni Metro 100% accessible at every stop. Toronto is now transitioning to low floor LRV that has a prospect of 100% accessibility at all stops.

  • Andy Chow

    Buses are allowed on express lanes, but without additional infrastructure they are of limited utility.

    In California, lines like San Diego MTS 235 and LACMTA Silver Line operate all day frequent service on express lanes. They have bus stops on the express lanes and/or dedicated ramps.

    Without those, you are limited to point to point service or express service with long local street stop segments, which compromise usefulness and speed. For example I think this area can justify an all day BRT route from Mountain View to South San Jose via the freeway with a stop at De Anza, but without dedicated ramps buses get stuck in traffic when getting on and off the freeway.

  • theqin

    There’s a VTA BRT line planned from DeAnza to the convention center area. I am all for BRT instead of light rail running down 85 if the express lane is bus only.

    Once an additional car lane is put in to highway 85 it is extremely unlikely that it will be removed in the future to make way for better public transit. If we don’t have the money to built such a transit route now then it is better to leave it as is until we have the funds to build it.

  • Andy Chow

    That BRT line is an arterial line, with few if any dedicated lane segment. This is different from highway based BRT using HOV or express lanes.

    I think that HOV/express lanes should be BRT ready if not BRT built in (dedicated ramps, stations). These elements will add costs. The other option is to allow buses to use freeway shoulders, but that has other issues. As Caltrain and Transbay Tube are approaching their limit, I think highway-based BRT needs to be pursued.

  • That’s what gets me in all this: all this attention on Leap, while SFMTA is still designing new Metro stops (the inner sunset curb extensions) without ADA accessible ramps.

  • mx

    Muni announced today that “double berthing” on Metro will, yet again, be postponed indefinitely. I noticed Sunday that, while they had the new train control software running, stops weren’t being announced either on trains or in stations. It’s not like they’ve had years to test it or anything, so that’s cool.

    While the lack of announcements wasn’t a huge deal (unless you’re blind and rely on them to know when to get off the train), the N Judah operator forgot to lower the steps at Duboce, opening the doors to reveal a big drop down to the street. Whoops!

  • Althaea

    Re: slowing down when passing towtrucks, I’m always shocked that most people don’t understand how dangerous it is to be near a stalled vehicle on the side of a road. Basically its extremely dangerous. Never stand in front of a vehicle on the side of the road and stay as far away from the road as possible.

  • Easy

    Regarding Toronto, that’s just the streetcars. The subway carries 3x the number of passengers, and only half of the subway stops there are accessible:

  • Andy Chow

    The same problem also applies to older subway systems. At least for a lot of those system they’re either working on, or at least have a plan, to make all stations accessible. For Muni there’s no plan to do that.