Tell Bay Area Bike Share Where You Want Stations in the Tenfold Expansion

With a tenfold expansion secured last week, Bay Area Bike Share launched an interactive online map where you can weigh in on where the next wave of stations should go in SF, the East Bay, and San Jose.

Suggest locations for Bay Area Bike Share’s expansion on a new interactive map.

The map received 1,500 spot suggestions within the first 12 hours of its launch, said Dani Simons, spokesperson for Motivate, the bike-share operator. The map is powered by the “Shareabouts” tool created by OpenPlans, Streetsblog’s parent organization.

Motivate promises to expand Bay Area Bike Share to 7,000 bikes by 2017, with 4,500 in SF, 1,000 in San Jose, and 1,400 in Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville. Another 155 bikes would be added in Redwood City, Palo Alto, and Mountain View if those cities opt in to the program by contributing their own funds.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the public administrator of Bay Area Bike Share, may also issue a grant to study bringing the system to other “emerging communities.”

The SF Bicycle Coalition “really encourages San Franciscans to participate in the public planning process so we can create the most dense system possible for our dynamic, growing city,” said SFBC Executive Director Noah Budnick in a statement last week.

“Combined with robust transit in this area, [Bay Area Bike Share] will make it easier than ever for East Bay residents and workers to choose an active commute,” said Bike East Bay Executive Director Renee Rivera. The organization “looks forward to working with our cities and local businesses on planning a bike-share system that truly serves our communities and boosts our local economy.”

  • NoeValleyJim

    Make sure and request one in front of Flipp Furniture on Polk Street:

    1400 Green St
    San Francisco, CA 94109

    Dan was one of the reasons we don’t have bicycle lanes on Polk Street: he is trying to preserve his precious parking spaces. I would love to see them converted to Bicycle Share spots instead.

  • It doesn’t let me pick the Bay or the ocean.

  • Gezellig

    Funny, I thought you were the guy who suggested the one on the Farallon Islands.

  • Hiura Optometry would hate to see all their fine work with the Mayor protecting parking to go to a silly bike lane.

  • emceeski

    I walk past that store everyday. I didn’t realize their position on the Polk street bike lane project. Hopefully businesses start to realize that what little money they gain from preserved parking is offset by customers voting with their dollars elsewhere because of their backwards politics.

  • edmund

    Can’t fathom why they didn’t restrict suggestions to the Bay Area. There are suggestions in Yosemite and even Santa Barbara and LA, lol.

  • M.

    Ray, the owner of Cheese Plus not only fought hard against any parking removal for safety, he had the chutzpah to have applied for and installed a parklet that takes at least 2 parking spaces while he was doing so. I’d love to see some 2-wheeled tactical urbanism installed in it.

  • M.

    emceeski, Dan Kowalski, the owner of Flipp is one of the nastiest. I’ve talked with a lot of people who say they’ve stopped patronizing some shops on Polk but the merchants can’t mind read. Unless we clearly tell the business owners what we’re doing, they’ll blame their favorite scapegoats – like changes in parking. Already the miniscule interim changes have started some griping.
    The SFMTA had better make their assessment 1 year post construction airtight as to the real impact of the design changes, otherwise the opponents will trot out their fave ’causes’ for any dips in their business. Then we’ll continue to see the Polk scenario played out over and over all over SF.

  • murphstahoe

    Go sit in his parklet with cheese and crackers from someone else’s store!

  • M.

    How about having SFSB happy hours there or just sort of casually occupying it all weekend long?

  • NoeValleyJim

    It would be a fun place to have a happy hour after Critical Mass.

  • Justin

    It would be great if they accepted all credit cards. I would so like to use bikeshare, but unfortunately I only have one credit card and the one I have isn’t accepted at all, what a bummer.


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