Today’s Headlines

  • Man Suffers Head Trauma After Driver Strikes Him on South Van Ness and 16th (SF Appeal)
  • SFPD Park Station Captain Responds to Criticisms on Bicycle Crackdown Plan (SF Examiner)
  • Muni to Shut Down Rail Service at 10pm Starting July 31 for Six Months for Upgrade Work (SFBay)
  • Woman Killed by Suspects Fleeing in Car Not Included on Police’s Homicide List (SF Examiner)
  • Former SFPD Officer Took $25,000 in Bribes to Help Taxi Drivers Pass Exams (CBS, SF Examiner)
  • Department of Public Works Looks for Solutions to Keep SF Streets Clean (SF Chronicle)
  • State Legislation to Ban Pedestrian and Bike Tolls on GG Bridge Moves Slowly (MIJ)
  • 4.0 Magnitude Earthquake Delays BART (SFist)
  • Oakland Driver Dead After Crashing Into Object On Telegraph (SFBay)
  • Uber Can Get Sued Over Safety Claims (SFGate); UberASSIST Announced for Disabled (ABC)
  • CHP, Tow Companies Reach Agreement to Protect Drivers Who Abandoned Cars During Fire (ABC)
  • Broken Asphalt Paver Shuts Down Southbound I-680 Lanes in Dublin (NBC, SF Gate)

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  • From the 2nd article:

    “It is the standing commitment of the SFPD to reduce traffic collisions by enforcing traffic laws…”

    Is this guy living in some kind of fantasy land? Since when has SFPD ever enforced traffic laws?

  • mx

    “Muni to Shut Down Rail Service at 10pm Starting July 31 for Six Months for Upgrade Work”

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really a proponent of Muni actually waking up and maintaining its decrepit infrastructure, but this is incredibly disappointing in light of all the discussions we’ve been having about the need to improve late night transportation service (and since the last train will leave substantially before 10pm, it’s even worse). Nighttime shutdowns are far easier to swallow when they are for actual track work, rather than replacing communications equipment.

    Keep in mind that Muni plans to replace all the rail in the Twin Peaks Tunnel (desperately needed) starting in 2016, which will surely result in even more disruption.

  • jonobate

    The most annoying thing about this full subway nighttime shutdown is that it was very poorly communicated. The initial outreach was buried in the outreach for the Twin Peaks tunnel project, and I think a lot of people who use Muni Metro west of Forest Hill would have ignored that outreach thinking that it didn’t apply to them. Of course, I’m a transit nerd so I read that outreach material anyway, but most people seem to be just finding out about this full subway nighttime shutdown right now, just before it’s about to happen.

  • mx

    I agree. A few signs went up on the station agent’s booth at Van Ness in the last week or so, which I noticed because I’m a huge nerd, but this really hasn’t been well communicated at all.

  • lunartree

    Is there not enough time after midnight to do this work? I don’t see how two more hours will really help.

  • sparky2000

    So much for Vision Zero… Note that the driver has not been named or charged for running down, and killing, a woman in a crosswalk at an intersection with four stop signs.

  • p_chazz

    When the violator is a bicyclist or pedestrian.

  • p_chazz

    I remember the Twin Peaks Tunnel shutdown when the overhead wiring was replaced in the mid 00’s. It was inconvenient, but we survived.

  • SF_Abe

    We enforce traffic laws equally by targeting bicyclists at stop signs.