SFBC Biking With Babies/Family Biking Showcase

From the SF Bicycle Coalition:

Family Biking

Front seat, back seat, tag along or family bike? When can I start riding with my baby, and how do I get ready? Talk to our family biking experts, then touch and try a variety of Family Bikes at the Family Bike Showcase. Vie Bikes will present choices of electric pedal-assist family bikes, the answer to San Francisco’s hills and the best way yet to bike with your family for school, work, and everyday transportation. Co-sponsored by SF Public Library. FREE.

10:30AM  “Biking With Babies/Pregnancy to Toddlers” Register for the free class: contact nancy@sfbike.org

11:15AM Family Bike Showcase and test rides with Vie Bikes


SFBC’s 4th Annual Family Biking Day

From SFBC: Join the SF Bicycle Coalition, parents and kids as we enjoy a car-free day in the park with fun bike-related family activities, like out Freedom from Training Wheels program and a Bike Road-eo course that teaches two-wheelers (with and without training wheels) basic bike skills. Show off your baby bike seats, trail-a-bikes, and […]

Family Biking Workshop: First Trimester to Toddlers

From SF Bike Coalition: You love to bike, and now you’re pregnant — or already a parent. Do you need to stop biking? How long can you bike while pregnant? When can you begin biking with your baby or toddler? Is it safe? What kind of seat should you get? Is your bike baby- or […]