Today’s Headlines

  • San Francisco Plans For Citywide Subways (Diaries)
  • Geary Boulevard Merchants Oppose More Frequent, Faster Buses (Exam)
  • Drunk Driver Who Hit 12-Year-Old Boys in Crosswalk Charged With Four Felonies (KRON4ABC
  • Central Subway Construction Closes Streets Near 4th & King Caltrain Station (Exam, GateCBS, SF Bay)
  • Hazardous Fell and Gough Intersection Gets New Sidewalk Bulbouts and Crosswalk (Hoodline)
  • Facebook Offers $1 Million to Continue Dumbarton Rail Corridor Studies (GC)
  • Caltrain Electrification Project Faces Delays (GC)
  • Palo Alto Advisory Boards Cancelling $1.5-Million Matadero Creek Trail Project (PA)
  • Two-Year-Old Boy in Car Seat Killed in Pittsburg Car Crash (ABC7Kron4, CBS)
  • Community Holds Vigil For Two Teenagers Girls Killed in Martinez Car Crash (Kron4)

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  • 94110

    Folsom’s bike lanes have been extended south from 24th st. Looks like the south bound lane stops at 26th, but given the slight hill, I don’t think it’s a big deal. The north bound lane runs from Cesar Chavez to 24th.

    On the south side of Cesar Chavez a new left turn lane has been striped, with what looks like a advance bike box partially finished in front of the straight through lane.

  • lunartree

    Is it too early to get an idea as to what the new subway plan might start pushing for? It sounded like they’ll be utilizing existing impact studies as a starting point.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    No, it’s not too early to know what the “plan” will push for.

    “Maximum cost, maximum public-private wealth transfer, and negative benefit.”

    Why mess with success? It’s worked every single time.

  • Roan Kattouw

    David Heller did show up at the meeting about Geary BRT this week and tried to shout down the SFMTA/SFCTA staff giving a presentation. Heller and most of his rude, disruptive friends left during or soon after the presentation, but not without stealing the sign-in sheets and the comment cards that had already been submitted.

    Comments can still be submitted by email to until November 16th. I intend to submit a comment in favor of the proposal (with some concerns about the pedestrian bridge removal at Webster), so that the comments aren’t just from grumpy NIMBY merchants trying to ruin our city’s transit for everybody else and from school staff and parents hyperbolically claiming their children are guaranteed to die if they have to cross 3 lanes of traffic at a signalized intersection while under adult supervision.