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  • david vartanoff

    “To me, the union was out-maneuvered in the negotiations,” Lum said. And the rank and file who voted for the contract. As with ANY “deal” read the fine print before you sign! No one was “drafted”; they all applied for these jobs;no one dragooned them.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    It’s surprisingly easy to vote for a deal that screws future members only.

  • Darksoul SF

    No one so many were complain bus not coming…They not getting paid properly.

  • RichLL

    Yes, it’s quite common for pay and benefits to be dependent on start date in many industries, A reasonable trade-off for retaining existing pay and benefits which, for current SF Muni drivers, remains very high by national standards.

    And note that the lower rates are only for the first five years, the higher rates gradually phasing in.

    While $37K a year is competitive with what other bus drivers make locally, such as shuttle drivers. And presumably the new drivers knew their pay deal when they took the job.

  • OneSF

    The existing pay and benefits for Muni drivers are only high by national standards because most bus drivers in America are paid pretty low wages. But if you compare the wages and benefits of Muni drivers to bus drivers from other major transit agencies, they’re basically around the same. So you can’t use the age-old argument that they’re overpaid when they’re just being paid what other similar drivers are being paid. You also can’t compare a Muni bus driver to a shuttle bus drivers. That’s like saying there’s no difference between driving a Muni bus and driving a bus in a small city in Texas.