Today’s Headlines

  • Solution Found for Munis Locked Bus Seats? (SFExaminer)
  • MTA to Purchase Cameras to Monitor Intersections for Van Ness Bus Improvements (SFGate)
  • Mission Bay Developer Push Back on Transit Impact Fee (SocketSite)
  • BART Extension Threatened as State Tax Revenues Fall (InsideBayArea)
  • More on Super Bowl City Traffic and Transit Issues (KQED, BizJournals)
  • Raiders Stadium Redevelopment may Fail Because of Surface Parking (InsideBayArea)
  • Will High Speed Rail Authority Prioritize Silicon Valley or Socal? (InsideBayArea, CBSLocal, BizJournals)
  • Editorial Praises Coming Driverless Car Revolution (SMDailyJournal)
  • Mr. Roadshow Explains Ghost Bikes Memorials (InsideBayArea)
  • Cool Old Pictures of San Francisco (SFist)

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  • david vartanoff

    No TIDF??? Either a 50 year requirement to pay themonthly transit costs for every employee, or sell the site. We don’t need your development if you can’t play by the rules. Oh, and forget the parking spaces.

  • SFnative74

    If ever there was a good time to raise the gas tax, it is now, with the super low gas prices and growing strain on our infrastructure needing funding. The state gas tax for CA is already among the highest in the nation, but the federal gas tax hasn’t been raised since 1993 and has lost 64% of its value due to inflation.

  • mx

    “Solution Found for Munis Locked Bus Seats?”

    I’m convinced that the exposed metal brackets on the floor from the locked seats are more dangerous than the collision risk the seats were locked to prevent.