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  • alberto rossi

    re: Vision Zero. Who could have predicted that painting pictures of pedestrian bulbs on the street wasn’t going to work?

  • Rogue Cyclist

    Marin editorial: “The reality is the vast bulk of North Bay cycling is recreational. That’s true in most suburbs and even smaller cities like Santa Rosa and even Oakland.”

    I call BS. As an Oakland resident, I bike for transportation. I see many others doing the same. Some by choice, others by necessity. 3.7% of Oaklanders commute by bike according to US Census. Sure, there are fun rides like East Bay Bike Party and popular routes like Lake Merritt and the hills, but writing off “little” Oakland like that got me steaming.

  • Jame

    And I am sure many more non-commute trips in Oakland happen by bike. There is a reason there is a pilot for bike valet at the Temescal Farmers Market. And bike parking is always packed at Whole Foods and Rockridge Trader Joes. Not exactly first stops for “recreation.”

  • murphstahoe

    Spotswood just notices the recreational cyclists because he’s a writer and gets out of bed at 10 AM. He should go hang out at the larkspur ferry at rush hour or the golden gate bridge.

  • RR592

    I never disregard anecdotal evidence but do your personal observations suggest a better estimate for the percentage of commute travel by bike other than the 3% to 4% numbers cited here and elsewhere?

  • murphstahoe

    My anecdotal observation has nothing to do with commute by bike vs other forms mode share. I am solely addressing Spotswood’s erroneous supposition that most bike trips in Msrin are recreational.