Eyes on the Street: First Phase of Second Street Makeover

SFMTA is putting in some initial improvements before 2nd Street's big makeover begins in the Fall. Image: SFMTA
SFMTA is putting in some initial improvements before 2nd Street’s big makeover begins in the fall. Image: SFMTA

As the photo shows, SFMTA is making some quick improvements to the 2nd Street bike lanes. This is a temporary fix, intended to be replaced once a full-blown makeover starts this fall.

It was last August that Streetsblog brought you news of the project to rebuild 2nd Street with protected bike lanes, bus boarding islands, pedestrian bulb outs, and other safety features. For now though, the painted improvements will run between Market and Howard streets, with new restrictions on left turns from 2nd to Folsom, Mission and Harrison. The final project should be completed in mid-2018.

While Streetsblog is often critical of city agencies for not going far enough, it’s nice to see things moving in the right direction on 2nd. And, no, this isn’t an April Fools joke!

2nd Street will look like this sometime in Mid-2018. Image: SFMTA
If all goes to plan, 2nd Street will look like this sometime in Mid-2018. Image: SFMTA
  • Justin

    Too bad it takes an unreasonable amount of time for SFMTA and the city to get simple protected bike lanes built, like the one proposed on 2nd St, when other cities can get them built very quickly within a year or less

  • HayBro

    This was hardly a simple project with serious amounts of traffic needing to be diverted on a downtown street used to get to the Bay Bridge, two bus lines affected, the Fire Department headquarters down the street, numerous utilities needing to be moved or designed around, and a high density of businesses affected. Did you go to any of the meetings?

  • Jimbo

    this is going to be a ClusterF&*K when finished, snarling traffic even worse trying to get on bay bridge

  • SF_Abe

    Yeah, it’ll be so congested that people will be driving backwards!!!

  • Roan Kattouw

    That’s what the left turn bans are for: to keep Bay Bridge traffic away from 2nd

  • RichLL

    Why would you want to keep traffic away from the route that traffic wants to take?

    Isn’t the point of politicians that they will give the people and voters what they want?

  • RichLL

    You don’t understand. It is vital that the 3% modal share that is cyclists should have precedence over the 97% that use other modes because, er, well, most cyclists are white male affluent professionals!

    Nobody else matters!

  • murphstahoe

    Because cars bad.

  • SF Guest

    If you want to get the attention of the transit-first advocates mention how it’s going to snarl bus lines 10, 11 and 12.


Only a few months remain to fulfill a specific requirement of Mayor Lee's order on safety. Photo: Streetsblog

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