SFMTA Wants Your Help Planning San Francisco’s Subway Future

A rendering of Muni's new rail cars, coming soon. Image: Siemens.
A rendering of Muni’s new rail cars, coming soon. Image: Siemens.

Now’s your chance to go full transit geek.

SFMTA has launched its “Subway Vision” web page as a first step in developing a long-range transportation plan for the next fifty years. Or as they explained it in their release:

We want you to help draw the San Francisco subway map of the future.

We’ve teamed up with the San Francisco Planning Department and other city partners to launch a new website where you can help shape the city’s plan for future subway — our Subway Vision for the next fifty years. It’s part of the foundation we’re laying for an effective, equitable and sustainable transportation network for the future of San Francisco.

To get this right, we need your input on priorities – whether it’s extending the Central Subway to Fisherman’s Wharf, building a second Transbay Tube for BART into Mission Bay or extending the Market Street subway across the city to allow for longer trains.

Streetsblog took a quick and dirty stab at it (see the results below).

Streetsblog's own crude attempt at adding some subway lines. Image: ConnectSF + Streetsblog
Streetsblog’s own crude attempt at adding some subway lines. Image: ConnectSF + Streetsblog

SFMTA’s also planning a series of “pop up” meetings to get feedback as it develops its plans.

For now, we hope readers will have some fun and play with the map a bit. And who knows? Some of the lines you draw your kids or grandkids might actually get to ride.

  • mx

    I like this, but it’s a bit odd they don’t show the Central Subway when the tunnels are already dug at this point.

  • RichLL

    Presumably it shows future digs and not ones already underway. Although it is odd that nothing seems to connect to it. Surely the whole point of the Central Subway is that second dimension – turning what is a linear service under Market Street into a true network.

    Otherwise we might as well let BART handle this.

  • Well, I did my best to recreate the subway portions of my previous “armchair urban planning” attempt…

    I’m curious to see whether they’re going to be able to pull any useful conclusions out of hundreds of random sketches… I hope they publish some sort of conclusion from this study showing what they got from it and what action that might take based on it.

  • lunartree

    Nice map design too!

  • sworddance

    Crosstown connections for sure. But also Hunters point needs a connection to 24th Mission Bart station.

  • citrate reiterator

    Well, I can dream. Probably not in my lifetime, but maybe by 2100 AD or so?

    (I tried to take into account the highest-ridership bus/rail routes and local population density. The N should really also continue down 16th St and connect with the T by where the new Warriors stadium is going to be. The Outer Mission and Ingleside also have quite high population density and need more service.)


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