Today’s Headlines

  • Last Train and Ferry Problem Puts Sports Fans in a Bind (CBSLocal)
  • More on Van Ness Streetlamps (SFChron)
  • SF One of the Most Active Cities with Parks and Cycling (ABCNews)
  • Open Air Workout Stations on Sunset (Hoodline)
  • Pedestrian Critically Injured in Nob Hill (Hoodline, SFBay)
  • Possible Solutions to Bay Area Housing Crisis (SFBizTimes)
  • BART Extension On Track (CBSLocal)
  • Candidates for BART and AC Transit Boards (DailyCal)
  • Bay Bridge Eastern Span Bike Path Not Quite Finished (KQED)
  • Bicyclist Killed in San Jose by Alleged Drunk Driver is Identified (MercNews)
  • Dog Walker Gets Messy Revenge on BMW that Blows Through Intersection (SFChron)
  • Commentary: Stop Building Roads and Expand Rail (MercNews)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    Regarding the problem of the last train/ferry to the ballgame: when the Giants were still playing at Candlestick you could get there on an express Muni bus departing from Van Ness and California, but you had to stay for the entire game because the bus wouldn’t leave until the game ended, no matter how many innings. Once they went 16 innings during a night game and the riders were all sleeping on the bus waiting to go home.

  • RichLL

    The last service should take into account when the game ends, like CalTrain does for Sharks games.

  • PaleoBruce

    I dunno, I was at that game and the next. In retrospect it would have been a blessing to have missed the last half hour of game four.

  • 91-year old Nob Hill resident wasn’t completely absolved of all omissions of due care when hit by a not-necessarily-drunk driver–I guess we should have doubts about her having done everything she could.

  • RichLL

    There is always doubt about whether someone of that age is 100% blameless. Many capabilities decline with age, including vision, depth perception, peripheral acuity, response time etc.

    If the driver had been 91 you’d be claiming that she should not be on the road.

    The driver was not arrested or cited, which indicates that the evidence doesn’t indicate any criminal intent. A sobriety test is standard in such situations so your glib comment about that is unfounded.

  • SF Guest

    You are becoming road savvy.