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  • thielges

    When I read the headline “Did Closing of Pedestrian Bridge Contribute to Boy’s Death?” my first reaction was that the survivors of the deceased teenager are just looking for deep pockets to blame for the death. But then looking into the street geometry it is clear that the POC closure is indeed a contributing cause. Without the pedestrian crossing, students from the neighborhood the POC connects walking to school must detour over two miles to Washington Blvd. Closing that POC severed a major link in the local pedestrian network. What’s a teenager to do? Of course some of them are going to take the railway bridge shortcut to save 40 minutes walking each way.

    The city claims that they had to close the bridge due to basic hooliganism type crimes. Closing the bridge was a lazy solution. There are plenty of other remedies. In addition to better security, simply encouraging more foot and bike traffic helps discourage petty crime. Instead the city did the opposite and just ignored the importance of this crucial link in the walking network.