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  • John Murphy

    Reading that CAC story, I can pretty much imagine that Hijazi will have a less than 50% attendance. These sort of commissions are often hard to even fill with at all – it’s not like this is a seat on the SFMTA Board or Caltrain JPB, a real position.

    Very odd to see someone who was apparently very dedicated to this obscure role replaced.

  • p_chazz

    Parks under freeways, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Stuart

    Thank goodness most parks are at the same level as streets, where nothing ever goes wrong and drivers never veer off the street and plow into people.

  • mx

    Has BART considered that its lengthy headways may be part of why weekend ridership is low? I live near a BART station and I still hesitate to take BART on the weekends, especially Sunday when it can be 20 minutes between trains.

  • p_chazz

    Unlikely, since cars parked on the street would keep that from happening.

  • Weekend service of many major commuter-type rail systems is usually low. 20 minutes is norm, even on the DC Metro. As I tell my friends/coworkers who ride BART…be thankful you at least have a schedule. Muni is a complete crapshoot. I can get lucky and have a 2-car L arriving at the platform or a 35 minute wait during rush. Most days it’s somewhere in between, but a guessing game nonetheless. Keep in mind this doesn’t factor in delays at which point you simply give up and Uber/Lyft home.

  • Stuart
  • xplosneer

    The electric bus article isn’t wrong persay – still obstacles to overcome re: reliability and grade.

    But I invite you to ride on the battery electrics that are out there – they are amazing how quiet they are now, mixing both the quiet electric motor and the extra noise padding that’s been added since the old trolleybuses were built.