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  • Tear down 280? How about focusing attention on completing projects promised to voters decades ago, like Caltrain extension to downtown? Or, fixing deteriorating streets, especially Market St. The craters and jacked up surface pose a major hazard to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Having a “vision” is one thing…delivering on projects and maintaining infrastructure already in place is another.

  • John Murphy

    how about walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time.

    280 would be a Caltrans project. The others are not.

  • Nothing new…been talked about for a while… the article mentions 2012 way at the beginning.

  • How about walking, chewing gum, and talking on your cell phone at the same time?
    Caltrans is involved with public transit projects as well.

  • SF_Abe

    Caltrans? Involved in public transit? Moooooooo…