Today’s Headlines

  • Scooters Ordered to Stop (Curbed, SFChron)
  • Mayoral Candidates and the Tech Industry (SFChron)
  • Money for Crumbling Seawall (SFChron)
  • Sidewalk Robots Coming to San Jose (EastBayTimes)
  • Progress on Upper Market Protected Bike Lane (SFWeekly)
  • Extending Car-Free Twin Peaks (SFExaminer)
  • Tourist Industry Pleads with City to Clean up the Streets (SFGate)
  • Gubernatorial Candidates on Housing (SFGate)
  • Ped Space for Kasper’s Plaza (Hoodline)
  • Temescal Murals (Hoodline)
  • Bernal Heights Hit and Run Suspect Arrested (Hoodline)
  • Commentary: Scooters Could be Key to Reducing Car Use (SFChron)

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  • mx

    So it looks like SB827 just went down in flames. It was actually getting to be one of the most meaningful conversations about housing and land use we’ve ever had, no longer.

  • City Resident

    Senator Wiener intends to reintroduce the bill next year, with adjustments/modifications still to come. California is fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard-working legislator, who is unafraid to problem solve some of our state’s most massive problems.

  • Dedicated? Yeah, still waiting on his master subway plan he promised SF years ago. All talk.

  • SF claims to be progressive, but in reality it’s the opposite. The city is opposed to any thinking outside of its historically limited scope. Sure, things like “meatless Mondays” and other PR generated “progressive” items catch media attention, but at the end of the day SF is an expensive, dirty city that has reached the point of no return with NIMBYs fueling any changes and pols clueless on dealing with any of the serious issues.

  • City Resident

    To plan subways takes heavy lifting across a wide array of agencies. Unfortunately, this is something a local politician may well not be able to deliver. Some of Wiener’s talk on subways might have been political, but I have no doubt that he is a dedicated politician, who does not shy away from confronting complex and controversial issues to try and remedy long-standing problems.